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The SimplyCast compliance department "delivers" once again with very important email deliverability best practices and tips on improving your overall deliverability rates. Miss a post? Visit our deliverability blog post archive.

Are role addresses hurting your email delivery reputation? Should you be worried? First, you might be wondering what exactly a role address is? A role address is an email such as info@, sales@, admin@, etc. These types of addresses are meant for functional uses, not personal use.

Sending to role addresses can cause many spam complaints, blacklisted IPs, and most importantly, overall deliverability troubles.

A role address is usually viewed by multiple people, which increases the chances of someone else reporting the message as spam.

SimplyCast, as well as many other ESPs, restrict role addresses from being sent through our service to protect the reputation of clients and their company. Reputation is key when sending an email and having messages sent to the inbox. It is very easy for spammers to generate or harvest role addresses which is another reason why role addresses are restricted.

When collecting email addresses, whether it be via a sign-up form, trade show, etc., include a note indicating the subscriber should provide a personal email to guarantee email delivery.

Eliminating role addresses from your lists will not decrease ROI, but actually, help increase it because your email delivery reputation will stay consistent as long as you follow email delivery best practices.

Want to learn more about how you can improve your delivery rates? Check out previous deliverability blog posts for more tips.




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