Email Marketing Defined: Bounce Rate

Email Marketing Defined: Bounce Rate

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The SimplyCast team is working hard for you and that is why every so often we will take one of the more common email marketing terms and define it for you. There is always someone just starting out and we want to make sure everyone understands the basics.

The Bounce Rate

The bounce rate of an email marketing campaign is the total ratio of those emails that bounce when compared to the overall number of emails sent. You want to track the bounce rate to help determine the efficacy of your list. Specific details of bounced emails can help to put results into context or cleanse an email list while the bounce rate itself, can help to identify good and bad sources of email lists.

It is normal for at least a small number of emails to bounce during an email marketing campaign. Some subscribers provide inaccurate details either by accident or on purpose while others have simply changed their email address or their server may be experiencing problems at the time of sending.

Always ensure that your emails are being delivered properly by including one or more of your own test email addresses. Send a test to Gmail, Yahoo and Microsoft Outlook at the very least and see if they reach the inbox successfully.

At SimplyCast, we have added new technology to our Bounce Management system to process bounces more effectively and efficiently. If any messages are returned to us that are hard bounced (bad addresses or accounts that no longer exist) then they are flagged in your list with an "HB" status code beside each record.

Addresses that are flagged with the "HB" status code are not mailed to when you send to the list again in the future.

By using SimplyCast's email marketing solution you will no longer have to worry about managing bounce-back emails which will reduce your email delivery costs and increase conversions.

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