Email Marketing Etiquette Part 2: Plain Text Emails

Email Marketing Etiquette Part 2: Plain Text Emails

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Email Marketing Etiquette

Isn't it true that flashy, high-tech emails dominate the email marketing spectrum today?

Every company out there is trying to top their competitors with the next greatest online gadget. From beautiful graphics to embedded videos and call-to-action buttons, email marketing has gotten seriously out of control.

Essentially, this problem is not only because of the different mediums your customers view your emails, but also the amount of time they devote to your emails.

From different email and mobile platforms to your customers' busy schedules, your emails are having less and less impact.

Sure, you've already covered your bases by offering the HTML version of your email. Great idea. Don't give up that option, but, again, you're making your customers take an extra step to read your email.

So, what is the solution to this on-going problem?

First, try to switch up your emails. If you have a strictly informational update, say industry news or press releases about your latest products, then consider using plain text instead of a flashy email.

Your email gets right to the point without sacrificing the impact. It's easy to download and read. You're ensuring that your customers are receiving the right information without making them have to wait for some unnecessary nonsense to download.

Obviously, don't neglect the flashy emails. This type of email marketing is key to sales, promotions, and call-to-actions, but, truly, the other stuff, the plain information, needs to be in its original form: plain, easy to read, text.

Further, consider using plain text for your autoresponders. Whether it's a thank you for a recent purchase or an update on your customers' email subscription, save time and money. Save your time but saving your customers time.

With a great email marketing software system, it's easy to program plain text autoresponders. In the long term, it saves your bottom line.

Essentially, it's about getting the information to your customers, right? So, why don't you make it easier?

By switching up your email marketing styles – flashy versus plain – you increase anticipation, open rates, and click-throughs.

Also, remember with plain text emails, it's a great idea to include hyperlinks to your website, social media outlets and customer service representatives.

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