Email Marketing Lessons from the 2012 Presidential Race

Email Marketing Lessons from the 2012 Presidential Race

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Though many of us dread the race to the White House like the Mayan Apocalypse in December, there are some marketing gems buried underneath the mud.

This is especially true for email marketing.

So, to put a "spin" on the way that you look at the 2012 Presidential Race, here are two amazingly effective lessons that you can apply directly to your next email marketing campaign.

Be Like a Duck

The old saying, "Remain calm on the surface, but paddle like hell underneath," is so true in Presidential politics. The candidates make everything they do – from public appearances and debates to kissing babies – look effortless.

But, the truth of the matter is, to get that calm demeanor it takes a ton of planning, legions of staff and volunteers, and a clear vision.

Email Marketing Application: Spend more time on planning. Map out where you want to go with your email marketing campaign for the year, quarter, month, week and for each email.

Personalization is Key

It doesn't matter if you're a Democrat, Republican or anything in between, what makes a truly fantastic Presidential candidate is not party affiliation but how they address the regular folk (you and me).

What does that mean? Politicians are brilliant about calling people by their names at every stop, whether they actually met them before or not. And the public, they eat it up like candy.

Email Marketing Application: Instead of sending out mass emails that have "Dear Subscriber," change it up and actually list the customer's names. Also, spend some time analyzing specific customer's spending habits and include "personalized" picks of your products.

These two email marketing lessons are pretty simple in concept but are overlooked far too often. They can be the deciding factor in getting more votes, opens, clicks and follows, which all lead to winning the battle.

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