Email Marketing Love Stories: What to Do and What Not to Do

Email Marketing Love Stories: What to Do and What Not to Do

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Email Do and Do Nots

Email Marketing Software

The quality of your email marketing software makes or breaks your online strategy. Bad software leads to poor service, poor delivery rates and poor rates for everything that is important to generating sales and leads.

Learn from the best: all of the top companies in the world use cutting-edge email marketing software. With the best software there is no mess, no fuss.

Of course, you get what you pay for: the better the email software, the higher the price. The initial sticker shock fades away as you calculate open, conversion and bounce rates. Your return on investment is what matters here. So, take the plunge and watch your email marketing campaigns soar.

Thank You Emails

This is way beyond the odd autoresponder thank you for a recent purchase. This incredibly valuable marketing tactic continuously engages your customers and reassures them your commitment to them in the future.

So what do the top companies do?

Of course, they do use autoresponders after every purchase, but they also recommend additional products and services the customer may like. They include a super illustrious promotion for their top customers as well. This encourages repeat purchases, hits on your website and social media pages, and ultimately, peer recommendations.

Take the financial hit and send these customers an incredible promotion that they can't turn down.

This marketing tactic is more than a mere thank you note. This is a gesture of appreciation.

Give Back

Pretty much every company leader, regardless of industry, makes a point to give back. They practically shout it in each and every email they send to their list.

Why is this an email marketing love story?

Say, a portion of your sales (all of them!) go to a certain charity organization. This drives your sales, online hits and encourages your customers to do the same. This makes each sale worthwhile. Not only are your customers getting the products, but they're helping you supporting your company's cause.

Emails are the prime place to highlight your company's platform of giving back. This strategy is even more effective than your website or social media pages (though it does help to post there too!).

Be Cute / Funny / Quirky

Every now and then, send out an email that has nothing to do with your products. Straight-up sales pitches are extremely boring and redundant. Switch it up!

Send quirky facts that relate to your business. Just that. No sales promotions, industry news or articles. Quick and short emails. These grab your customers' attention far better than your regular emails.

Perhaps a customer of yours uploaded a silly video of them with your product. With their permission, of course, send it out. Everyone enjoys a laugh.

Essentially, be creative. Break out of your regular email stream every now and then. You'll be surprised at the response.

Real Business Love Stories

Unlike our previous blog about the horrendous mistakes companies make with their email marketing campaigns, we're going to name names. These fabulous and successful companies not only used traditional forms of marketing, but innovative tactics. What these companies did right is drive customers to sign-up for emails.


Everyone knows about the flash mobs in England. Everyone watched them relentlessly, sending them to friends and families. People bookmarked that YouTube page.

Though it was a different medium than emails, it drove people to TMobile's website. People, in droves, signed up for their emails. From there, TMobile gained many followers, fans and customers.

So, what's the lesson? Be innovative in different mediums. This will drive people to sign up for your emails because they're eager to see what you'll do next. And, you'll generate sales.

The Old Spice Guy

Who didn't love those commercials? Yes, they're commercials, but seriously, that incredibly awesome ad series drove people to their website to see what else they have to offer.

Take a page out of this clever campaign and include a clever "commercial" in your emails. Employ the technology that's out there. Generate some buzz. Generate followers. Generate customers.

The Lesson

Though these marketing love stories started with more traditional forms of advertising, we can all learn from their success. These examples are considered the highest rated promotions in recent marketing history.

These clever and eye-catching tactics drove people to their websites, where they signed up for their emails.

Create stand out campaigns. Use YouTube, Flickr, and other social media.

Watch for more tips on email marketing, Twitter, autoresponders and other online strategies in future blogs.

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