SimplyCast Blog: Email Marketing that Offers Flexible Pricing to All

Email Marketing that Offers Flexible Pricing to All

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If you have done a Google search looking for an email marketing service, you know there are many to choose from. They all do the basics of letting you create, send and track email newsletters. They all offer a list of standard features that will get you to your end goal of keeping customers informed. It is not until you start doing a more in-depth comparison that you notice the benefits of SimplyCast's email marketing solution.

One that comes to mind right off the bat is the pricing options. SimplyCast has multiple types of pricing models so no matter what type or size of business you have, there is an option that fits your needs. When it comes to marketing, everyone has a different budget, mailing schedule and staff to work on campaigns. So it does not make sense to give everyone that same plan without any choice.

Credit Plan

The most popular pricing option at SimplyCast is the credit-based monthly subscription model.

By choosing credit based for your company, you have the ability to launch your marketing campaigns on all available apps, such as email marketing, survey marketing, and event marketing, just to name a few.

By purchasing monthly email credits, you can use all of our online marketing services under one subscription. Send one list emails, another list of fax messages and another list text messages. It does not matter because our software does the calculations for you and keeps track of what each service costs.

Keep in mind, these credits are issued by the month and will automatically be renewed 30 days from the point of purchase.

Contact Plan

Next is contacts, which turn the tables and focuses on the number of people on your list.

Are you sending multiple messages to the same list of contacts and looking for a more affordable pricing package? SimplyCast has developed a contact based pricing model to give you unlimited messaging capabilities to all of your stored contacts.

This unlimited plan is available with all email-based channels such as autoresponders, email marketing, survey marketing and event marketing.

This plan is perfect for businesses that send updated and timely information several times a day to the same contact list. Think, stock tips and breaking news.

Flexible Pricing Separates Us from the Rest

Pricing is one of the top considerations when choosing where to do your email marketing and at SimplyCast we feel we have it covered. Flexible pricing to meet the needs of every size of business.

In 2012, it is only going to get better when Version 7.0 is launched. Pricing options are going to get even more flexible and we can't wait for you to experience it.

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