Is Email Marketing Still Worth Using?

Is Email Marketing Still Worth Using?

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Is Email Marketing Still Worth Using

Email marketing may seem like old news, and it is true that you should be exploring additional areas of marketing such as social media to spread your message. However, the reason that email marketing is still around is because it works. It also doesn't hurt that it's relatively inexpensive. A single email usually costs you less than a penny to send, and you can get big bucks in return.

Sending marketing emails to a list of people who have opted in to receive them can generate a lot of revenue for your business. Don't ever be tempted to buy or rent email contact lists. Sending to people who do not want to get your emails will only tarnish your company's reputation and will not have a positive effect on your revenue anyway.

Because email has been around for so long, almost everyone uses it. How do you create email campaigns that will catch a customer's eye when they have so many marketing emails in their inbox? Here are a few quick tips to consider when creating and sending your emails. Check out the links in this blog to see lots more detailed tips.

Targeted emails outperform mass emails that are sent to everyone on a list. By reviewing customers' data (who opened, who clicked, who purchased, who took action recently, etc.) you are able to send optimized emails to specific customers who will be more likely to respond.

Emails with strong, interesting, concise subject lines attract customers' attention and are more likely to be opened than emails with messy, lengthy subject lines. Emails that are sent from well-known company names or prominent people in the organization also have higher than average open rates. As email is such a well-established form of communication, people know what to expect from professional organizations and if the subject line or sender looks untrustworthy, the email ends up in the trash bin.

Another point to consider when sending email marketing campaigns is that many customers will be viewing the email on their mobile phones. If you want to update your email campaign to better serve your customers, optimize your emails to display correctly on mobile phone screens. You put in all that work to make the email look great, so make sure everyone can see it properly.

Email is still a widely used channel of communication and using email for marketing purposes can be very lucrative (at little cost to you!) if it is done properly. Click any of the links in this blog to view our great resources that will help you to create an eye-catching and compelling email that will stand out from the crowd in the inbox.

This is Part Two of a two-part blog. To read Part One, check out "Is Email Dead? Why You Should Consider Expanding into Other Areas of Marketing"


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