Email Marketing: Engagement Critical for Deliverability

Email Marketing: Engagement Critical for Deliverability

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As we have mentioned before, engagement is critical for deliverability success and open rates this year. By starting right from the beginning of the process, you can help increase the chances that a subscriber will become engaged and stay engaged.

Entice customers off the bat

Right after the initial sign up, send a personalized welcome email and have the subscriber engaged right away by including a great offer or links to provide more information. Since they are new to your company or product, they are looking for anything that offers value to them and shows them that they made the correct choice.

Adding value to your emails will also help recipients click through your message and in turn benefit your deliverability.

Encourage whitelisting

It is also a good idea to include a small message inviting your readers to whitelist your sender address to ensure the mail is received and any images or links are enabled for the recipient. This also means that your emails will have a greater chance of ending up in your recipients' inboxes, rather than their Spam or Junk folders.

Segment contact lists

It is important to keep your contact lists segmented so that you aren't targeting the wrong crowd. By continually sending from the same sender address as well as sending valuable content, you are bound to see good deliverability and ROI in the near future.

Now do you see why engagement is critical for deliverability?

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