Email Notification Software, Business Continuity Alerts

Email Notification Software, Business Continuity Alerts

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Business Continuity Alerts

Many, if not most, businesses rely on email to communicate with their employees and their clients. In fact, in 2015 the number of business emails sent and received per user per day was about 122 emails, a number that continues to grow. This is why notification software is a valuable asset to use to help with business continuity alerts. In the event of an incident that causes a disruption to normal, day-to-day workplace activities, you need a way to contact all stakeholders involved to let them know of the interruption and estimated restoration times.

Email is a useful alerting tool to use that has benefits that some other communication methods, such as SMS or phone calls, are lacking. One of the most notable is that you can be as detailed as you like with emails, whereas with other methods the shorter and more concise the alert message, the better.

Along these same lines, email mass notification software can be used to send your entire business continuity protocols to employees and associates so that they will always have them on hand whenever they need to reference the material. Email is an archivable and searchable mode of communication - unlike phone messages which are often deleted as soon as they are heard and SMS messages which may be deleted to conserve space on mobile devices.

Companies can also use email to send updates and polls to clients during the disruption period – whether it be an unexpected product downtime period or a snowstorm preventing employees from coming to work. Clients expect to receive emails from companies they work with so, as long as they have opted in to receive communications from you, you are able to send them notifications to update them on any ongoing issues. In the case of product downtime, email notification software can be used as a means of polling affected parties in an effort to collect as much information as possible about the problem. A quick email survey can be sent out to clients asking them if they are experiencing difficulties and the nature of these difficulties. The more information that is received, the quicker the problem can be identified and rectified.

By using email mass notification software, you can further increase the efficiency of your company's business continuity alerts efforts by sending your email notifications automatically to every single one of your contacts with the push of a button. Alert notification software can be easily stored digitally, ready for whenever they may need to be used. Preparing your downtime messages ahead of time will go a long way to helping to make sure that your organization is able to get the word out to your contacts as soon as possible whenever your business continuity alerts plan needs to be put into action.

Ready to get started with notification software for business continuity alerts?

Email notification software is a tried and true method of ensuring that contacts are made aware of any disruption your company may experience. However, notification software best practice is always to use more than one communication method in order to be certain you reach as many contacts as possible within the shortest amount of time. Mass notification software that combines email notification software with SMS and voice call notification can greatly help with making your business continuity communication alerts processes as efficient as they can be. SimplyCast's Alerts tool combines email, SMS, voice, and fax into one easy-to-use notification software system.

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