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Email Scheduling

We have made the email campaign creation process easier for you. We have responded to our customers' requests for simplified email scheduling.

You can now select the lists you want to send to and schedule your email in the same step. In order to schedule your campaign, simply select the locations you wish to send to. There is no need to figure out different time zones, just pick the areas where you want your message to go.

The number of steps in the email creation process has been reduced so it is now even easier to create your campaign. "Send Now" is the default sending option for customers who do not want to worry about scheduling.

From the same scheduling page, you can also preview your email campaign and do a test send so you can see how your email will appear to your customers or what you may need to change.

If you need any assistance with creating or scheduling your email campaigns, please contact customer support:

866.323.6572, ext. 2


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