EmergHub: Not Just for Emergencies

EmergHub: Not Just for Emergencies

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Not Just for Emergencies

By now you have probably heard about EmergHub, SimplyCast's newest technological innovation. EmergHub is an all-in-one communication platform designed with efficient emergency management in mind, with several modules created especially around the idea of improving current planning, preparation, and protocol initiation.

However, since emergency situations hopefully aren't that commonplace in your business or organization, how can you be sure your staff is 100 percent comfortable with using the platform when the need does arise?

With EmergHub, we have tried to ensure the platform is able to be used not only during times of crisis but also during your business's day-to-day routine, allowing for increased familiarity and comfort with the system.

Here are just a couple of ways that EmergHub can be used in your daily office life:

Send an office closure alert

The Alerts module can easily be used to notify staff when there is an office closure due to poor weather. With the click of a button, you can send out an alert over multiple communication channels and set it so that employees are required to confirm they have read and understood the message.

Use Live Survey for a quick office poll

Interested to know what your staff would like to do for the next staff event? Send out a multiple choice live survey to gather their feedback and analyze the results in the live updating report to determine the preferred activity and please the majority of employees.

Make your teleconferences more efficient

Teleconferences are a staple in many businesses' daily routines. However, trying to get all participants to dial in and connect to the conference, while simultaneously trying to determine who is missing from the call can take up valuable company time. Using EmergHub's Teleconference feature, this can be avoided by having the system dial out to all participants at the same time, with the teleconference host being able to monitor who is on the call from a desktop device.

Easily create an interactive voice response (IVR) for call direction

With EmergHub, you are easily able to set up an IVR to help callers access the appropriate department or personnel. It's as simple as choosing a designated dial-in number and allocating a dial pad number to a specific person or group of persons who the call will be transferred to upon pressing that particular number. You are even able to pre-record a message that will be played when a specific number is pressed, which can be used to relay general information such as your company's office hours or closure information.

If you would like to learn more about this all-in-one communications platform and its uses during emergencies as well as day-to-day operations, check out the EmergHub site on the SimplyCast website, or sign up here to receive more information on each of the various channels.

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