Engage Voters in New Ways

Engage Voters in New Ways

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Engage Voters

Your party has a national narrative for the campaign, but you want to distinguish yourself at a local level with issues that matter to the people you will be representing. With SimplyCast 360 you can automate the communication process with your voters. You can even prepare different flows for voters who champion your policy and voters who might benefit from further information.

To get started:

Import your contacts using our integration partners or by spreadsheets (csv, xls, xlsx).

  • Create a voice campaign that will send a message to your contacts' phone numbers. Invite them to learn more about the issue by texting "ISSUE" to the shortcode 770077. An SMS campaign will them guide them to the most relevant campaign resources.
  • For the next voice campaign, you can A/B split test the recording you wish to send out. Test out different messages, voice actors, or calls to action and determine which one had the best results. You can then use that message for the rest of your campaigns.
  • Create a landing page for each specific issue. Invite voters to sign up to receive more information about the issue and, most importantly, your stance on it. Dividing issues onto different landing pages ensures that your contacts won't be overwhelmed by a wealth of information that may not be relevant to them.
  • Your door-to-door team can update contact information directly in the CRM to identify a voter's stance on the issue. This helps you keep track of each voter's opinions easily and effectively so you know the approach to take when speaking to that voter again.

The purpose of the campaign is to keep supporters informed about your stance on the issue and to rally persuadable voters to your cause. A marketing automation platform, such as SimplyCast 360, is a great way to boost voter engagement without adding more tasks to your workload. Instead, marketing automation can handle tasks and save you time.

Sign up for a 14-day free trial and see how SimplyCast can help you engage voters!

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