Engagement for Food Services

Engagement for Food Services

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Engagement for Food Services

Do you provide meal options to university or college students? Students that live in residence rely on food services for the bulk of their meals. And, off-campus students sometimes need to grab a quick bite in between classes. How can post-secondary food service providers appeal to all students personally without adding extra work to day-to-day tasks?

In order to have students taking advantage of on-campus food services, you need to be able to engage with them and tell them what their options are. Here are a few ideas for engagement with food services:

Provide a newsletter:

A weekly newsletter would inform students of all the menu options for that week. This way students could plan their meals accordingly. You could also send different emails based on each student's dietary preferences and whether or not they live on campus.

Have SMS updates:

Most students have smartphones. So, what better way to let them know about menu options than with a text! Set up a keyword like "Menu" that students can text to you to get the daily special. This is a great way for students to decide where to have lunch on campus without darting around trying to find the right place.

Use social media:

Most students are on social media. This makes sites like Facebook and Twitter a great place to interact with students. You can ask them to post feedback or suggestions on your profile. This way you can improve your services based on real feedback.

Do it all easily

With an all-in-one automation platform, you can easily keep students engaged and up-to-date with menu items and daily specials. SimplyCast 360 allows you to personalize your communications, automate your messaging, and post on social media easily and effectively.

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