Enhance Home Visit Safety Protocols with an Automated Solution


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Enhance Home Visit Safety Protocols

Home care organizations and other services that frequently require team members to perform home visits to individuals have home visit safety protocols in place to ensure the safety of their team while they are out in the field. These protocols often implement the buddy system or the use of partners who team members must regularly check in with at the beginning and end of each home visit.

Team members essentially have to manage two sets of home visit schedules: their own and that of their partner. Checking in with a partner constantly can be a little bit difficult to do, especially if both team members are conducting home visits at the same time and one partner is unable to pick up their phone. As well, if one team member does not check in with the other, then the partner must attempt to reach out themselves to verify whether they are safe.

To help with the challenge of managing safety check-ins efficiently without a lot of manual phone calls, home visit safety protocols can be optimized with automation. An automated home visit safety check solution can assist home care organizations and their team members by providing an easy-to-use system for checking in and out of their home visits.

Here are the four steps of an automated home visit safety check solution for home care organizations.

1. Team Member Database

The foundation of any home visit safety protocol requires that team members are able to be contacted while they are out in the field. This is why the first step of creating an automated home visit safety check solution is consolidating the contact information for all your team members into a contact database.

With a digital safety check solution, you are able to collect the most up to date information from your team members by having them submit an online form with their contact details (such as their names, their contact information, and any other piece of information you need). The solution will automatically store all the information for the team members in the central contact database that can easily be accessed and used to send the safety check-in messages when needed.

2. Home Visit Check-in

Home visit safety protocol dictates that whenever a team member arrives at a location for a home visit, that they check in with their partner to let them know they have arrived. This process can become a little tedious, especially if multiple home visits are being completed in the run of a day.

With the automated home visit safety check solution, all a team member needs to do when they arrive at their home visit location is submit a quick form with their name, and the address of the home visit. Upon submission, this will create a timestamped record in the automated solution for when the team member logged their arrival at the location.

3. Home Visit Check-out

Once a team member has completed their home visit, again, with the manual check-in process they would have to call their partner to confirm their safety before heading out to their next visit location. Automation can simplify this process while still ensuring that home visit safety protocols are still being abided by.

Just like when they first checked into the home visit location, team members simply need to fill out and submit another short form to indicate that they have completed their visit safely and that they are on their way.

In the event that a team member forgets to check out within a pre-determined amount of time after they should have been finished with their safety check, the automated solution will send them an alert to remind them to check out.

If the team member still hasn’t checked in after a specified period of time, the automated home visit safety check solution will send out a notification to their partner, letting them know that they should check in manually with their partner to verify their safety per the home visit safety protocols.

4. Reports

Finally, it is important that you know what’s going on at all times to ensure the safety of staff. With the manual home visit safety protocols and tactics, it can be difficult to keep track of completed safety checks and team member statuses.

The automated home visit safety check solution provides you with auto-generated reports for all of the form submissions by team members and all the reminder alerts it needed to send, and you are able to easily analyze these reports to help manage the entire safety check-in process. The reports provide you with key information such as the timestamped records of home visits, and the reminder messages’ open and response rates.

Interested in automating your home visit safety protocols?

Are you interested in a solution that can help your organization to automate the home visit safety check-in process?

SimplyCast has developed an automated home visit safety check-in solution using its suite of interconnected tools that work together to allow team members easily check in and out of their home visits to verify their safety, while also making sure the process is as efficient as possible. With its built-in contact database, mass notification, and automated workflow tool, SimplyCast can provide you with all the functionality you need to automate your home visit safety protocols.

To learn more about how you can automate the safety check-in process using our automated solution, click the button below to request a one-on-one demo from our knowledgeable team!


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