Enhance your Email Marketing Campaign

Enhance your Email Marketing Campaign

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How your email marketing message is structured will determine 50% of its success.

It's difficult to quantify the impact your email message will have on your total email marketing efforts. But, it's safe to say, that impact will be significant. Obviously, if your email is poorly structured, few will read it. If your message is effectively written, however, the results can be considerable. In fact, many direct-response offers delivered by email out-pull conventional mail by a wide margin. Like the best sales letters, email is personal, one-to-one communications. But delivering an effective marketing message through this media can be tricky business. Perhaps the biggest mistake writers make is relying too heavily on the lessons learned from decades of "paper" direct mail. True, certain principles still apply — such as a strong offer, powerful lead-in, and an appeal to buyer self-interest. But other writing rules, successful in print marketing, fail miserably in email marketing. As a marketing medium email, it seems, is setting its own rules. But what are those rules? Unfortunately, these are still evolving. What follows are one-hundred and one of the best writing tips — based on research, testing, interviews with experts, and personal experience with dozens of successful campaigns — I have discovered for creating successful email marketing messages.

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