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Well that was not even close. Last night the Seattle Seahawks destroyed the Denver Broncos 43-8 in Super Bowl XLVIII.

Fans celebrated into the night and interacted with each other on Twitter, Facebook and everywhere else online.

A win like that blows fan engagement out of the water.

But would you believe, even a team that has just won the championship, has to continue to use marketing automation to engage, nurture and connect with fans?

Yes, even the Seattle Seahawks need marketing automation.

It's true.

Because when the glow of victory dies down, it goes back to business as usual for the marketing team in Seattle (and every other NFL town).

That's because it is time to look to next year. It's time to look towards selling tickets for a new season and even a Super Bowl title does not guarantee success.

But, creating personalized messaging that is delivered on time and on the ideal mode of communication, does guarantee a following of loyal and dedicated fans.

So how does a football team do this? How does any organization do this?

By using marketing automation as part of an overall customer flow communication strategy.

From friendly reminders that season tickets need renewing to transactional emails that welcome new fans to the mix, the sooner you can engage and nurture these fans, the more likely they will stick with your team.

Download our free guide to learn how football teams drive engagement with marketing automation and add the simple-to-implement plays to your overall strategy.

Learn the importance of collecting data, what do to do on game day and how to use social media to bring the world to your game virtually. It's all in there, and for free.

Creating sports marketing campaigns using automation is not just for Football teams. Each of the recommended tips can be used in almost any industry.

So let's all pretend our business is a football team. Let's huddle up and draw out that winning play that will get you a touchdown right away.

That's the beauty of sports and the beauty of using marketing automation to win the game.



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