Event Marketing Checklist for Beginners

Event Marketing Checklist for Beginners

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Event Marketing Checklist For Beginners

Your All-in-One Event Marketing Checklist

Ready to launch a new product or celebrate a company milestone with an event or party? Do you have the necessary tools in place to keep costs low and the RSVP process manageable? With the help of this quick event marketing checklist, you can keep things organized while not blowing your whole budget in the process.

Quick Event Marketing Checklist

  • Use digital forms
  • Create eye-catching email RSVPs
  • Send updates to attendees
  • Say thank you

Event Marketing Checklist Tip #1: Use digital forms

Once you take care of the pre-planning which includes setting a date, choosing a venue and setting a budget, you need to send out invitations to learn how many guests are going to attend. The easiest way to do this is to create an online registration process so your attendees can submit their RSVPs online and at a time that is convenient for them.

SimplyCast's event marketing solution offers entirely customizable invitations that you can email to your guest list and allow them to register for your event online. Guests will also be able to interact with other guests and leave comments for you. This is a great way to create a comfortable atmosphere for guests before they even attend the event.

Event Marketing Checklist Tip #2: Create eye catching email RSVPs

Each email invite contains an RSVP link that will take each person who opens the message to a page that lists all the details of the event and where they enter their response (hopefully they say yes). This section is totally customizable as well. You can add photos, YouTube videos and even a map using Google or Yahoo maps. There are forms that allow the option to invite friends and any payment options that are required for the event registration.

Like so many forms of marketing, the key to a successful event registration process is making it as easy for your attendees as possible. Nobody wants to jump through hoops just to register, so you need to keep that in mind or you could risk turning off a few possible attendees.

So now the email has been sent and guests are sending RSVPs to you, what is next? Well, you need to keep a buzz going about your event leading up to the day.

Event Marketing Checklist Tip #3: Send the latest news to keep attendees excited

This could include revealing any exciting news that guests don't know about yet. There could be last minute changes or even improvements that were not in the initial details. Unless intended, leave out the surprises for guests. They don't want to say yes to attending and find out later they were not exactly told what they were attending.

Event Marketing Checklist Tip #4: Say thank you

Once you have had a successful event, you still need to do a little work with your event marketing. Now is the time to show your guests that you care about what they think. Send an email thanking them for attending and include any further information that is needed to make a purchase or donate to a fund. You can also send an email to those who did not attend with the same information and any news on a possible event in the future. Just because they did not make it out this time, does not mean they are not interested.

Event management in a lot of work and a lot of organization but done right, it can also be a lot of fun. Why not make it easier and use event marketing software? It will save money and give you valuable time to spend on other aspects of your event.

Put This Event Marketing Checklist Into Action Today

By following the tips on this Event Marketing Checklist, you will be on your way to throwing the best party full of happy guests who just might turn out to be happy customers. You can put all of this advice into action today - try a free 14-day trial of the SimplyCast platform today.

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