Event Registration: The Ideal Number of Questions

Event Registration: The Ideal Number of Questions


Sure, it's cut-and-dry and not too sexy or alluring, but understanding the perfect balance of necessary and unnecessary questions is critical to any online event registration.

There's a definite balance between frivolous information and what's pertinent to you (and them!).

Yes, this is boring but necessary!

So, here are a handful of tips to help you figure out the ideal number of questions works for your event registration form.

Just a writer's note first: event registration isn't limited to the actual signing up of attendees, but also extends to the ticketing process.

Remember, collect the pertinent information that is required for the transaction, then everything else you ask is entirely optional. Always, always, include a privacy and / or security statement that says that you're not going to sell or exploit their personal information. This additional information doesn't have any impact on their transaction or future purchases.

What Information Do You Really Need?

These "boxes" are required for you to fill the purchase request. Without this information, then you're, well, in the dark.

As long as there's a standard privacy and security statement that spells out that you're not going to sell or exploit their personal information, 99.9% people will continue with your online form.

  • Name (*required, including title, first, middle initial and last names. It is good form to allow people with hyphenated names to have their own space.)
  • Address (*required, if you're sending physical tickets or confirmation of purchase)
  • Email (*required, if you're sending tickets via email or confirmation)
  • Phone (*required, if, in the event, there's a problem with the transaction)
  • Membership (*optional. It's good to know the percentage of people who attend who are members, if, of course, it applies to your business.)
  • Seat location (*required, if it matters)
  • The number of tickets (*required!)
  • Payment Method (*required! And, everything that goes with it. If you can, include several different methods, including electronic checks, credit cards or online payment methods, like PayPal.)

What Information Do You Kinda Need?

These questions are just a little more invasive than the basic questions required to make the transaction.

But, there are some personal questions that help you start to construct a picture of who your attendees are. This information is crucial for your event.


Well, let's say you ask for an age, and you find that the majority of attendees are going to be elderly. Then, you're going to have to make more accommodations: more parking spaces, accessibility, and comfy chairs.

Also, this information gives you some insight to your average attendee. This information will help you target your follow-up message correctly.

• Sex (*optional)

• Age (*optional)

• Martial Status (*optional)

What is the Ideal Number of Questions, Then?

Essentially, there's no ideal, set number of questions that are perfect for any event registration form. First, you need to truly dig deep and figure out exactly what you need to ask of your attendees. This is the basic (required) information. If you think that you need additional information so that you're going to meet the needs of your attendees, then go for it. But, you need to always state that any additional information is entirely optional. However, if you ask only a handful of questions that aren't entirely relevant to their purchase, then you're increasing the likelihood of a response. When you inundate your attendees with a ridiculous amount of questions, then you run the risk of rejection.

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