How to Expand Communication in Schools in a Few Simple Steps

How to Expand Communication in Schools in a Few Simple Steps

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Communication in Schools

Communication in schools is a challenge, especially when it comes to the connection between a university and its students, or a primary or secondary school and the parents. This is often because of a language disconnect, as well as a disparity in the methods of one to the other. These simple steps for simplifying communication will help increase communication and improve the experience of the consumers, as well as boosting the sense of community regarding the institution in question.

1. Offer them their choice of communication options

The first thing you need to do is assess the method by which the majority of your patrons want to be contacted. Just ask them. Finding out which channel is best to use for which customer is essential for building a fully functioning communication plan.

2. Figure out what kind of news they want updates on

Sending the right information over the right platforms to the right people is a powerful way to be sure that your clients are satisfied. Try doing this by using a multiple choice survey that accompanies a marketing campaign or is available on your website.

3. Engagement is key for communication in schools

Engage people. No matter how your students and other contacts want you to communicate with them, they won't keep paying attention without some form of engagement. You have to interact with them. Ask them questions, perform surveys and hold contests. This will all go a long way to making them want to keep track of your updates

4. Lose the jargon

A lot of educational institutions have a habit of speaking in academic, detached ways that people don't relate to. If your contacts can't understand what you're saying they won't be interested in your message no matter what it is. Professional but still conversational is the way to go.

5. Don't use random slang

One of the big mistakes that people make when they're told to lose the jargon is taking it to the other extreme and trying to appear young and "hip." This won't help either. Your contacts are individuals, just like everyone you talk to on a daily basis, so talk to them normally.

These are really basic overviews of concepts that will make communication in schools a lot easier, but they'll do more than that too. As communication improves, so will your relationship with students and parents, and they'll spread the word about the great experience. You'll see an increase in traffic, a reputation boost and more, all because you took the time to look into better ways to communicate. Many of the strategies mentioned here can be done using marketing automation, and the powerful SimplyCast 360 customer flow communication platform.

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