Explore Our New Agency Solution

Explore Our New Agency Solution

New Agency Solution

SimplyCast's Agency solution is the ideal choice for marketing and advertising agencies who want to provide a more comprehensive solution to their clients. Provide all the marketing tools your clients need under your own brand. Agency enables you to offer these tools as a single solution.

When you have all these tools to offer your clients, you truly have the most comprehensive marketing solution available. Using Agency, maintain control over your staff and your clients' marketing campaigns. When you have multiple staff members working on a campaign, set permissions for each staff member that are activated when each logs in. This not only keeps campaigns organized, but it also provides security and accountability among staff members.

You pay for Agency, then set your own prices for clients. You decide what you charge clients for your services. Under Agency, you can manage up to ten Enterprise level client accounts. Easily switch between client accounts so you keep all campaigns and information efficiently organized. Create, edit, delete and manage campaigns.

Managing multiple client accounts through a single master account helps you save time, stay organized and boost efficiency. Rather than having to switch back and forth between various accounts, you can take care of many different client campaigns from one central location. Client billing and subscription management is also centralized with Agency.

Agency enables you to provide clients with everything they need in one place. It provides maximum convenience and profitability for you, while helping you best meet the needs of your clients.

Agency is also available to be resold. Resellers may offer Agency under their own brand.

If you are interested in learning more or purchasing Agency, please contact our friendly sales team at sales@simplycast.com.

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