Extend the Reach of Your CRM by Adding Marketing Automation

Extend the Reach of Your CRM by Adding Marketing Automation

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Marketing Automation

You may have the best CRM in the world, but if that's all you have to offer then you will have a tough time competing against all-in-one solutions. These solutions include CRM capabilities but also have integrated marketing automation tools.

Instead of paying for a CRM solution and a marketing automation solution, and having to transfer data back and forth, many businesses are choosing to simply pay for an all-in-one solution that includes everything they need.

So what can you do in order to compete, gain new customers and build customer loyalty? Add marketing automation to your offering. Having a CRM and marketing automation tools available in a single solution enables you to increase revenue and increase customer stickiness.

Should I resell a ready-made marketing automation solution or build my own?

Some businesses attempt to build their own marketing automation solution rather than resell someone else's solution. This process usually takes years and it may cost you several million dollars. It's expensive and your solution won't be ready for quite a while.

A cheaper, more practical and less time-consuming option is reselling a white label marketing automation solution. The great thing about a white label solution is that you rebrand it entirely as your own. None of your customers will ever know that the solution was not actually developed and owned by you.

Reselling a white label solution enables you to offer marketing automation tools integrated seamlessly with your own CRM solution. The tools are under your own brand, but you don't actually have to spend a lot of time and money developing them yourself.

If I do choose to resell a marketing automation solution, what should I look for?

If you decide to resell, seek a marketing automation solution that includes multiple channels. Email is no longer enough. Businesses now need to build a presence on multiple channels, such as text message and social media. If you only offer CRM and email, you will still be behind the top competition.

Look for a white label solution. If you have everything under your own brand, you will build your reputation as well as increase customer recognition and loyalty. If your marketing automation tools have someone else's brand name on them, customers may be confused or they may simply go directly to the other company for their needs.

What tangible benefits do I gain from reselling marketing automation?

You gain a new revenue stream. You decide what you charge for customers to use your new tools and you take in the additional profit. Customers will pay more for CRM plus marketing automation than they will for just CRM.

Providing marketing automation tools increases customer loyalty and retention. The more tools customers use, the longer they will stay around. By having all the tools customers need in one simple solution, you increase customer dependence.

The marketing automation industry is gaining momentum every year. It is already generating a lot of profit, and it is projected to grow from $1.2b to $120b within the next ten years. By reselling marketing automation, you can tap into this significant revenue.

Where can I learn more about becoming a reseller?

Contact our friendly reseller team at reseller@simplycast.com to learn how you can resell SimplyCast's marketing automation solution. Our all-in-one solution includes over 15 channels for communication and marketing. It is also easy to use so there's not an insurmountable learning curve for customers. Our team is waiting to answer your questions.

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