How to Build a Fa-boo-lous Halloween Email Campaign

How to Build a Fa-boo-lous Halloween Email Campaign

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Halloween Email Campaign

You probably already know the main email marketing tips, like crafting a great subject line, keeping your content brief and interesting, and personalizing your messages for subscribers. So how about a few tips for great Halloween email marketing messages? The holiday is right around the corner and it's an opportunity for seasonal promotions, sales, and services.

Themes: Make sure the theme of your email newsletter is well suited to your company. If your business is family-oriented, you can use the always popular black and orange color scheme. Add an element of fun by providing a link to pumpkin carving tips or a list of "spooky" food and drinks for kids. If you cater to an adult market, experiment with dark green, gold, purple and black. You can link to a site that carries Halloween costumes for adults or has unique decorating ideas for seasonal parties. Even though it's not directly related to your business, it's still fun to offer subscribers something extra.

Deals: Everyone loves an enticing deal, so offer some special Halloween promotions that are so good they're scary. "Monster shoe sale! Boo-tiful designer shoes at bloody low prices." "Get rid of those skeletons in your closet! From now until October 31, get 30% off our premium house cleaning services." Have fun with it.

Timing: Time your email sending carefully. I've received Halloween-themed emails in September. Too early, as I'm not in the holiday mindset yet. I'm still sad about the end of the gorgeous summer weather. I've also gotten Halloween emails after Halloween. Bad. It makes your company look out of date. No matter what you're advertising, no one wants to read a Halloween email newsletter in November.

Subtlety: Don't go overboard. It adds a fun, relevant feel to your email if it relates to the holiday or season. But if every sentence is a pun, it can be a bore to read. Throw in spooktacular references here and there, for effect. You want the main focus to be on your great products and services.

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