Facebook Marketing Software: Do You Have the Right Platform?

Facebook Marketing Software: Do You Have the Right Platform?

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Facebook Marketing Software

The results are in and Facebook marketing is proven to provide a valuable channel for engagement with your contacts. No surprise there. With so many people on this social network (28 billion daily users), obviously, it would be where consumers look to interact with businesses.

It seems like a basic marketing concept: go where the people are. Well, they're on Facebook and so your business should be, too. When you're looking to engage with your audience, it is important to go to them…not have them go to you.

With that in mind, there are tools on the market to help you increase your Facebook presence without wasting too much time on it. After all, once you start scrolling there is sometimes too many cat pictures to stop. This is where Facebook marketing software comes in to aid in the scheduling and automating of your Facebook presence.

If your business has been on Facebook for a while now, you've likely already researched or invested in such a platform. But, is it the right one for you? All too often, businesses choose the first platform they see because they assume they're all the same, but this isn't the case. When selecting a platform, it is important to get the answers to these questions to ensure you get the Facebook marketing software that suits your needs.

How far ahead can I schedule posts through the Facebook marketing software?

Is your software limiting you to a couple of weeks or months in advance? Although it's great to be able to get ahead, this limitation will cause you to be unable to really plan well into the future. Look for a platform that either doesn't have a limit or has a limit very far into the future.

Can I target different audience segments with my posts?

Getting the word out on Facebook is a great start to ensure people are receiving your messages. But, wouldn't it be better to be able to target and prioritize who sees your posts? Having Facebook marketing software with this capability is invaluable because it allows you to post targeted messages, thus increasing your engagement.

Am I limited by how many accounts I can post to?

If you operate a single business with one account, you may not need to worry about being able to post on multiple accounts. However, if you think there is potential for your business to operate multiple pages, or if you plan to manage Facebook for another organization, you will want the ability to post on multiple accounts through the Facebook marketing software.

How do I get started?

If you're ready to either get started with Facebook marketing software or if you're looking to find the platform that suits your needs, sign up for a 14-day free trial of SimplyCast. The suite of SimplyCast tools includes a robust Facebook marketing software platform sure to impress. Start your trial today and see how SimplyCast's Facebook marketing software can help your organization.

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