Ski Resort Advertising: What Mistakes to Avoid

Ski Resort Advertising: What Mistakes to Avoid

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Ski Resort Advertising

This winter, you don't want your ski resort to make money. You don't want to put any effort into your advertising campaigns. And you definitely don't want the resort guests who do come to return again next year. We're going to show you all the mistakes you can make with your ski resort advertising and the potential pitfalls of not connecting with your customers.

Ski Resort Advertising Mistakes to Avoid

Don't connect with skiers on social media. Use only email marketing. Almost every business emails its customers. By relying on email advertising alone, you ensure that your messages stand a good chance of simply being deleted before being read or of not being noticed at all. If you spread your message over multiple advertising channels, you risk making your resort brand highly memorable and likely to be noticed by potential skiers.

Do make your website confusing so visitors don't know where to go to find information and purchase ski passes. You don't want to include calls to action or buttons that visitors can click to easily purchase. Don't include signup forms on your website that enable visitors to sign up for your email newsletter advertising either.

Don't do text message promotions. Text messages are very immediate and are likely to be opened within five minutes of being received. They are great for sending out ski resort coupons, contest notifications, date reminders and so on. So don't use text messages for these advertising purposes!

Don't keep track of your visitors' data from previous years. This way, you can't personally target skiers based on their history and preferences. Technology now enables you to track each resort guest, see which website pages they have visited, when they usually visit your ski resort and how long they stay, what their food preferences are, whether they bring friends or ski alone and so on. All this information is collected in personal profiles, which enables you to create highly relevant advertising messages for each guest. But personally targeted messages are highly effective, gain more responses and bring in more revenue! That's what we are trying to avoid, right?

Do ignore all reports and statistics that you gain about your advertising campaigns. Don't test any other strategies and don't look to see how many of your messages were opened or how many clickthroughs you received. You don't want to know how people are responding to your ski resort advertising campaigns and you certainly don't want to change your strategy based on real time results.

Don't share pictures or videos of your ski resort. Visual content is very engaging and is likely to be shared, liked and commented on social media. Infographics about skiing with fun facts, statistics, historical information, trends and so on are even more interesting. You will want to avoid creating and sharing those as well. Visual content boosts engagement and creates a strong brand image, so forgoing all visual content will help you avoid pesky ski guests getting interested in your resort.

Don't try automated marketing. You definitely don't want to save time and create more efficiencies in your ski resort advertising process. Marketing campaigns should be difficult, messy and time-consuming. So don't sign up for a completely free, no risk, no obligation trial and friendly interactive demo of our automated ski resort advertising and communication solution. It gives you the ability to create automatically personalized resort marketing campaigns for each skier based on their personal profile, helps you build your brand presence over multiple channels and saves you hours of time each week. But don't try it...

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