Try This Fantastic SalesGenius Alternative

Try This Fantastic SalesGenius Alternative

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SalesGenius Alternative

SimplyCast, much like SalesGenius, offers an email marketing platform that helps you get your message out to thousands of contacts at a time without making huge expenditures to do so. A lot of businesses from varying industries require those services. But what happens when their emails stop being relevant, or they realize that their client base doesn't like being contacted via email? They need to be able to change pace quickly to keep those clients on board. SimplyCast offers a marketing automation alternative in SimplyCast 360. Unlike the SalesGenius platform, 360 focuses on multi-channel communications.

Not only can you use multiple channels to contact your clients, but you can also use our handy Form Builder to narrow those contact lists further, collecting information on your clients' preferences down to what method they prefer to be contacted by. You can plan your real-world events from inside 360's virtual workspace, too. You're not limited to email, and you can automate many of the scenarios as they become a routine. For example, a monthly sale or flyer, or even a monthly newsletter. SimplyCast wants to help you as much as possible, and we have over 15 channels.

Something that makes SimplyCast a great SalesGenius alternative is our billing. With access to the email builder right away with a permanent free account, as well as to our Form Builder and Survey elements and our in-house contact manager, you can start learning to use the software with no fees, and our support team already behind you. You even have access to analytics data and can integrate your contact lists from third-party CRMs. This means you can set things up and learn exactly how to use our product even before you choose to pay for it. If you do decide to pay for it, however, SimplyCast continues to deliver a fantastic product. On a single bill, you are able to access multiple channels of communication and increase the capabilities of the ones you already had. All our prices are tailored to compete with current marketing automation solutions, and we offer 15 fully functional channels for the price of one.

As an alternative to a specialized, single-focus marketing solution, you're getting 15 marketing tools, a customer support team and social media integration for much of the app, as well as the ability to integrate into your industry's pre-existing systems and contact managers. You get all this for the price of one, listed on a single convenient bill at the end of the month, including most or all of the services that a single-channel solution has. And even if you're not sure and want to compare, or trial, you have access to Email, Surveys and our Form Builder tool, and the capability to send to up to 1000 contacts.

SimplyCast: Your SalesGenius Alternative

As an alternative solution, SimplyCast allows you to send your messages by contact, rather than email. Many email marketing solutions, SalesGenius included, charge per email above a certain amount of emails sent per month. SimplyCast believes in keeping the channels of communication open, and you may be contacting clients more than once a month. Our prices are based on the number of contacts you need to get your message out to, making SimplyCast an ideal alternative with a wide number of options and possibilities.

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