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Marketing for Sports Organizations

The key to building and maintaining a successful sports organization is ensuring that players, members, supporters and everyone involved remains engaged and connected with the organization. You need to communicate with players and coaches about game times and regulations, you need to promote your organization to encourage donations and sponsors, you need to remind people to renew their memberships. Communicating and marketing take valuable time, and what you really need is an easy, efficient solution.

SimplyCast 360 is an automated platform that you can use to send messages by email, text or voicemail. It is very easy to create messages for the purposes of communication or marketing. The platform uses a drag and drop interface so you can make messages even if you do not have coding or technical experience.

Create messages in advance and schedule them to send at whatever time and date you wish. You can easily send reminders, promotional messages and updates to keep organization members and sponsors interested and informed. You can create online signup forms to recruit new members and gather critical contact information. All information collected is automatically integrated into the 360 Automation Manager for further targeted marketing and to help organize contacts.

Use our online marketing tools to create targeted landing pages for your sports organization website without having to hire a website programmer. Promote your sports events and fundraisers on social media to increase attendance, without having to take the time to manually post updates.

Increase your marketing efforts and communication messages while reducing the time and cost it takes to promote your organization. This automated platform is truly easy to use and will save you valuable hours. You can ensure that you reach out to everyone involved by email, text or voicemail, so you can contact your members in the most convenient way possible.




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