Fax Broadcasting Software: Bulk Faxing is Nowhere Near Extinct

Fax Broadcasting Software: Bulk Faxing is Nowhere Near Extinct

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Fax Broadcasting Software

Fax broadcasting. It's not the dinosaur you think it is. So what is it and why should you incorporate fax broadcasting software into your overall online marketing strategy?

1. Fax broadcasting, also known as fax blasting, is an inexpensive, effective form of marketing. It costs just a few cents per page to send out a bulk fax, yet it can have a high return on investment.

Let's discuss some other benefits you might want to consider when deciding to include fax for your marketing and communication needs.

2. Fax broadcast software has taken all the manual work and hassle out of sending faxes. It is easy to create and send bulk faxes online that will reach your customers. All you need to do is design your fax and pick a time for it to send.

3. However you design the fax message, that's exactly the way it will look to your subscribers. You know it will probably be black and white and not the highest possible resolution, so you design with that in mind. However, with an email message, the look of the email changes depending on how subscribers are receiving it. Due to the reader's email settings (or if they are viewing it on a mobile device), your message may have different fonts or spacing, or images may not display properly. With fax broadcasting, what you send is what you get.

4. Fax advertisements are unique and hard-copy, as opposed to digital messages, so they stand out. And, unlike an email, a subscriber cannot just delete a fax message without looking at it. They at least have to take it out of the machine, so there is a good chance that your message will be viewed.

5. Fax blasting is a great way to send coupons, because subscribers get the coupon in their hands immediately. There is nothing to click on or download, and no additional time-consuming steps. The customer can use the coupon right away. Instant gratification.

6. And, of course, fax is a trusted way to send important business documents. Fax is often regarded as more secure than email for sensitive or confidential documents. It also solves the problem of sending documents to a client who is in an area where they do not have internet access. With a fax document, a client does not need to worry about using a digital signature. They can sign and make notes right on the paper.

Fax broadcasting software makes it simple to upload and format important documents, and to create brand-consistent advertisements and other promotions. Fax broadcasting has not gone the way of the dinosaur because it works and it is effective.

Any questions about SimplyCast's fax broadcasting software?

Check out the SimplyCast fax solution today and contact us if you have any questions about how to use our fax broadcasting software to send out your fax blasts!

Also, don't forget to sign up for a free 14-day trial of the SimplyCast software.

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