Fax Marketing Best Practices

Fax Marketing Best Practices


Considering the technological advances, many forget the power of fax marketing. In the sea of emails and texts, faxing sets your company a part from others. Further, faxing puts the offer directly into the hands of the customer.

Though other marketing strategies are successful, with faxing, customers don't have to jump through any hoops to get the information. Easy and effective, fax marketing is a great way to connect with customers.

Understand the Law

For nearly twenty years, it has been illegal to send unsolicited faxes to companies. Allow customers to opt-in for receiving fax updates and promotions through your website, email marketing campaign or blog.

As a part of this law, companies must have an easy way for customers to opt-out, whether through faxing back or another mechanism.

Ditch the Cover Sheet

For promotions or sales information, never send a fax that is multiple pages because it increases the chance of the customer not reading it. Sending multiple pages not only wastes your customers' paper and ink, it also wastes their time.

Keep it short, sweet and to the point.

Utilize the Size of the Page

The beauty of a fax instead of an email is the sheer size of it. Exploit the size of the paper to your advantage. Design the fax as if it were an advertisement in a paper or magazine, or even as a replacement to a direct mail piece.

The size allows you to maximize your message for a fraction of the cost for an advertisement.

Capitalize on "Above the Fold"

Derived from newspaper terminology, "above the fold" is literally the main article of the paper and easily viewed without actually opening the paper. This coveted spot is universally critical to any marketing strategy, but is even more important with faxing.

It is where the eye naturally falls, and where you quickly grab your customer's attention.

Design Carefully

Images that look crisp and clean on a computer screen may not turn out through a fax machine. And, considering the range of fax machines, quality may vary. Keep designs simple, and ensure that any images translate easily into black and white ink.

Avoid using overly complicated images or graphics.

Send a Test Fax

Before sending out any fax marketing to customers, always send it to yourself first. Don't rely on simply printing your fax on your printer, because printer quality is typically better than that of a standard fax machine.

A test fax ensures that you're not only seeing how your customers will, but mistakes and design errors are quickly spotted.

Consider Timing

Allow your customers to pick the frequency of the faxes. Give them options to receive faxes daily, weekly or monthly. If that isn't already an option, start any fax marketing campaign slowly, with your best promotion first. Try weekly first, and if your customers' response is favorable, increase frequency incrementally.

Finally, send faxes during normal business hours and on weekdays.

Got a question about fax marketing and other best practices? Check out the SimplyCast FAQ or contact one of our customer care representatives today.

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