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Social Media Blocks

Last time I covered the benefits of being able to place a SimplyCast 360 campaign into another SimplyCast 360 campaign. This feature is quite powerful and makes it simple to reuse processes that are central to your marketing goals. If you would like to review that Feature of The Month, check out SimplyCast 360 Inception.

Social media is a great to expand your marketing reach and to get your customers to engage actively. When sending or creating email campaigns with SimplyCast, you have the ability to connect your social media accounts.

It is useful to increase your likes, exposure and reach across Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn. These social media tools help you get your message out there and also get people involved in the conversation. You have the ability to customize Facebook on the scheduling page.

There are two types of social media blocks: social sharing blocks and social following blocks. A social sharing block allows recipients to share your email campaign on their choice of social media site. When you use the social following block, recipients can choose to follow your connected social media accounts.

social sharing block

Some customers opt not to use this feature, but it is a very useful tool that comes at no additional cost to your SimplyCast plan. I say if you're already on social media and you are sending out campaigns, it's a good idea to distribute your message in as many ways as possible.

The majority of our pre-built templates have the social media blocks already added. It's time to make social media work for you. Who knows what might happen? Maybe your campaign will be trending or might even go viral by using this tool.

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