SimplyCast Blog: Feature Of The Week: Auto-Tweeting From A RSS Feed

Feature Of The Week: Auto-Tweeting From A RSS Feed

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Every week, we are going to put one of our all-in-one marketing features under the spotlight just to make sure you know about it. Don't worry, this is not 60 Minutes, so no undercover smear jobs. Just the straight-up facts of what the feature is and what it will do to help you do marketing.

Auto-Tweeting From A RSS Feed

One of the great features we offer in our Twitter marketing app is the ability to automatically Tweet from an RSS feed. If you are not familiar with what an RSS feed is, it basically allows you to feed in the news that is hosted on another website or syndication service.

To Tweet from an RSS feed in our service, login and select the Twitter app from the application menu. Once you arrive on the Twitter dashboard, create a new Twitter project and choose the from RSS feed option. You'll see the following:

Setting up the RSS Feed is easy. All you need to do is fill out the following information:

RSS URL – This is the link to the RSS feed you wish to post to your Twitter account.

Select a Twitter account – As you might have guessed, you select your Twitter account here. If you don't have a Twitter account set up yet, you can do it through the add a new account button located below.

RSS Tweeting Status – This allows you to activate or pause your Tweets from this project.

Select how often to check for new RSS posts – This is how often you want to pull new posts from the RSS URL and Tweet them automatically.

Follow users who Retweet this campaign – Allows the system to automatically start following people who Retweet your campaign, if you enable this feature.

Customize direct message – This is a direct message that is added to the tweet in addition to a link to the RSS message for your followers to view.

A common question that we receive is how often our software posts from RSS feeds. Our system will go through RSS feeds and update them once per hour, so your initial RSS posting could be delayed. When you are finished setting up, save your project and click on the next button.

The wizard will guide you through the remaining confirmation page (Cross Check).

There you have it, auto-tweeting from an RSS feed. Takes a few seconds to set up and saves you time on your Twitter marketing.

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