Feature of the Week: Mobile-Friendly Newsletters

Feature of the Week: Mobile-Friendly Newsletters

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Mobile-Friendly Newsletters

More and more people are choosing to open emails on their mobile devices. If your emails are not optimized for mobile then your mobile-using subscribers are not going to be engaging with your content. Check out how easy it is to optimize your emails for mobile below.

Every week, we are going to put one of our all-in-one marketing features under the spotlight just to make sure you know about it. Don't worry, this is not 60 Minutes, so no undercover smear jobs. Just the straight-up facts of what the feature is and what it will do to help you do marketing.

Optimizing Email Newsletters For Mobile

We have released a new update to our popular Simple Editor that allows you to enable mobile-friendly formatting. All you need to do is choose the Mobile Friendly option when you create your email. Here's how you do it:

To begin, create a new project in our Email App and select the Simple Editor. When you create your project, you'll need to select a template.

Important: There is only one restriction on templates that can be mobile friendly: templates may only have two columns or less. If you have already selected a template with more than two columns, all is not lost! All you will need to do is reduce the number of columns to 2 or less in the editor before you can select the mobile-friendly option.

Once you've got your template selected, you'll arrive in the message editor. Look to the right side of the editor under the Project tab for the Mobile Friendly checkbox. With this option checked, your message will be formatted differently on mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets.

With the Mobile Friendly checkbox selected, the system will format the message to display each text area separately in a single column. You can preview the mobile version of the message using the Mobile Preview button.

We have received a lot of positive feedback so far. We hope that you will enjoy this new feature.

Is there a feature that you want to learn more about? Let us know in the comments and we can do a future blog post on it.

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