Feature of The Month: SimplyCast 360 Inception

Feature of The Month: SimplyCast 360 Inception

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Feature of The Month

Marketing automation is key to ensure that your customers are engaged. Building campaigns is simpler than you think with SimplyCast's easy to use tools.

Many customers spend a lot of time creating customer flows to keep their pipelines going. A few of our customers have asked me, "Isiah, why would I need marketing automation, and what is the point of SimplyCast 360?"

Well, my answer is very straightforward. I'm sure that if most people are like myself, they would not want to create campaigns over and over and over again. It becomes tiring and makes them feel like they are not accomplishing anything. The SimplyCast 360 Automation Manager helps customers create customer flows/marketing flows for their company as well as any other business process they might have.

Ever have a marketing process in your mind and you've spent the time to draw it out on paper? What would you do if you could simply drag in parts that represented that process for you? "Crazy!" I'm sure that's what you would say. Or, perhaps, "so what?"

Well once you have these parts, called nodes, on your SimplyCast 360 grid, you now gain control over how the user interacts with your marketing process. That's great, Isiah, but I still have to create the process over and over and over again for each branch.

Think again. Not with SimplyCast 360. We call this new feature SimplyCast 360 Inception. Create the process once and then be able to place the entire thing into any SimplyCast 360 campaign. Users will be able to move around the different business processes according to their interaction and the rules that you have specified.

So I think it's time to stop creating extra work for yourself and make this tool do all the heavy lifting for you.

Make sure to keep checking this blog to continue learning more about marketing automation features with SimplyCast 360.


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