Feature Of The Week: Text-To-Speech For Voice Broadcasting

Feature Of The Week: Text-To-Speech For Voice Broadcasting

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Text-To-Speech For Voice Broadcasting

Text-to-speech is one of the neat new tools available in the SimplyCast 360 platform. As an alternative to uploading an audio file, using this functionality makes creating your voice campaigns even easier, without even needing to touch a phone or recording device. Read on to see how text-to-speech can help you with your marketing.

Every week, we are going to put one of our all-in-one marketing features under the spotlight just to make sure you know about it. Don't worry, this is not 60 Minutes,so no undercover smear jobs. Just the straight-up facts of what the feature is and what it will do to help you do marketing.

Text-To-Speech For Voice Broadcasting

If you haven't tried our Voice Broadcasting app yet, now is the time to start spreading the good word so-to-speak.

Let's talk about some of the newest features of our voice broadcasting app: text-to-speech and answering machine recognition.

To get started, signup for a new account or login to your existing SimplyCast account and select the Voice app.

Once you've started creating a new project, you will arrive at the Voice editor.

You will see two sections on this page:

  • Message – This is where you upload your recording or enter your message for text-to-speech.
  • Options – This section allows you to decide what occurs if an answering machine or voice message system picks up the message, select an unsubscribe option and more.

Text-to-Speech: Text-to-speech technology has progressed significantly over the years. Our system will convert your text into a natural sounding voice message to your recipients.

To create your new text-to-speech message, select the "Text to Speech" tab at the top of the page (shown in the above image), and type your message in the box. When you've finished, you can apply a voice that will read the message. There are several voices to choose from ranging from male to female and in different accents.

Answering Machine Recognition: One of the other great features is Answering Machine and Voice Message recognition. You can now tell the app what to do if it gets the machine when it calls. You can either have the app leave your message, or have it hang up.

These features of the voice broadcasting app, make the marketing tool a must have for any organization looking to keep in touch with clients. This could include appointment reminders, get out and vote messages or heaven forbid, emergency alerts.

Sign up and try out Voice Broadcasting for free.

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