Showcasing Our Stars: Sam, Video Producer

Showcasing Our Stars: Sam, Video Producer

Showcasing Our Stars

Sam is our Video Producer. He has been with us for over two years, and is in charge of creating and promoting all company videos. He interviews customers, coordinates video shoots, creates digital illustrations and much more. Today we're turning the lens on him!

How did you get a job at SimplyCast?

I found out about SimplyCast from a former schoolmate. He had applied for the job here but found he didn't have the skill set they were looking for and suggested I apply. I did and ended up getting hired.

Which educational institution did you graduate from and what did you study?

I attended university for two years but decided to move into video production once I realized I was more passionate about that than anything else I was studying. I chose to attend NSCC as I believed they would teach me the practical skills I was looking for. After completing their two year program I graduated with a diploma in Screen Arts.

What made you want to join the SimplyCast team?

SimplyCast looked like a very progressive company. I thought places like this only existed in tech hubs like San Francisco, not Halifax. Having the chance to join a workplace that valued the well-being of their employees appealed to me immensely.

What would you like to gain from working at SimplyCast? What have you gained during your time here?

I would like to gain the experience I need to succeed in my field. While working here I've been given the chance to make big decisions and the freedom to do what I think is right. Because of this I've learned a lot very quickly.

How would you explain what SimplyCast does?

SimplyCast is on the forefront of an automation revolution. Automation affects almost every part of our lives and SimplyCast is creating powerful ways to personalize automated communication.

What's your vision for SimplyCast?

To offer a simple solution that anyone can use to bring their marketing ideas to life.

Would you recommend SimplyCast to others?

I already have recommended SimplyCast to others! Other companies might do email, SMS and so on, but nobody else does everything all together as well as we do. We're truly one of a kind.

What would you tell an applicant considering SimplyCast for an employment opportunity?

Be yourself and don't be afraid to let loose. Having the right skill set is obviously important, but what's more important is being a good fit for the workplace. The unique environment SimplyCast has created is why it's successful and being a part of it is an amazing feeling. You'll never work at another place quite like this one! 

What classes or training helped prepare you for working at SimplyCast?

My education at NSCC gave me the basics I needed to succeed in video production. I actually learned a lot of the skills I apply each day from the internet. Before I worked here I didn't know a lot about motion design, but SimplyCast gave me the chance to grow.

Can you walk us through a day in the life of a SimplyCast employee?

The day can start whenever you want, thanks to flex time. Normally when you come in you already know what you're working on, since you're in charge of your own job. Lunch is something I always look forward to since I'm friends with so many of my coworkers. The day is normally broken up into working on your tasks and meeting with other people to collaborate.

What is your proudest moment at SimplyCast? 

My proudest moment at SimplyCast was probably recently when I showed a video I had put a lot of work into at a company meeting. People seemed to really like it and I had a couple of comments about it "looking like something you'd see on TV." I feel like I've finally reached a point where I'm proud of my work.

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