Fill Jobs Easily with Recruitment Automation Software

Fill Jobs Easily with Recruitment Automation Software

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Recruitment Automation Software

Almost everyone who is not working is probably looking for a job, right? And if they are not looking now, they very well could be looking soon.

Thankfully there are many companies out there who help connect the dots. They are the recruiting firms that help businesses find what they are looking for when it comes to employees.

Just like any other company, there are numerous types of communication going on to reach out to the job seekers and to report back to the clients. Many of these tasks are repetitive and tedious, not because they are unimportant, but because very little of the information changes. It is not efficient.

Use Recruitment Automation Software

By switching to recruitment automation software, you can remove many of the repetitive processes and optimize the recruiting process with more personalized communication.

You can send personalized messages to your clients and candidates based on their individual information, recruiting trends and any restrictions you input.

Want candidates to be automatically notified when they have an interview or when they are offered a position? No problem. Do you need date reminders to be sent out to clients? Done.

How about sending reminders to the guests who are attending your next event? They have already received them and, by the way, you can check your email now to view their responses.

Recruitment automation software is flexible and provides as many options for engagement and nurturing as you can think of. This is mostly because of the various channels you can use as part of the recruitment process.

Recruitment Automation Software Tools

  • Email newsletters for important updates, job listings and company overviews.
  • SMS reminders for interview times, meeting tips and instant alters for new job postings.
  • Bulk fax message sent to office buildings that are already full of temps looking for the next job.
  • Online forms to collect recruitment data and to start long term nurturing campaigns.
  • Surveys to collect feedback on how recruits are working out at new jobs.
  • Voice messages to remind people when job postings expire and when to submit resumes.
  • Event management to easily handle RSVPs to your next big recruiting event.

The best part of all these options is that they can be automated and tied together using a powerful contact manager. The contact manager controls what work flows go to what clients based on triggered actions.

By using recruitment automation software, you will get a leg up on the competition and streamline your whole recruitment process.

Learn all about SimplyCast's 360 customer flow communication platform and sign up for a free 14-day trial.

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