Three New Financial Advisor Marketing Campaigns

Three New Financial Advisor Marketing Campaigns

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Three New Financial Advisor Marketing Campaigns

Currently, when one thinks about financial advisor marketing campaigns, many people think of promotion: who are you, what do you do, that sort of thing. But customers also want to know how you can help them, and what they should do to make the financial advisor process as quick as possible. Customers want to know what to expect, and most importantly they want to be able to monitor the process and see results at their leisure.

Meeting with customers face to face is your opportunity to impress them by telling them that you're capable of something they might not have found on your site. If they are downloading an inbounder, calling you or even signing up to your email list, you have to give them what they need and offer a solution. Center your whole marketing campaign around their needs.

In fact, even when you're in personal, face-to-face meetings you want to personalize the message. Talk to clients about their hopes and dreams and how you can make them possible. Here are some financial advisor marketing campaigns that allow you to improve your marketing and make it more client-centric.

1. Don't Focus on the Financial

Money is a touchy topic with people, and it can make them uncomfortable at first. Present yourself as the solution for accomplishing your clients' goals and helping them fulfill their needs. Promote the lifestyle that financial security allows, and then introduce the financial techniques they can employ to achieve that. Discussing investments and financial risks right away will only make people tense up. By identifying with clients' needs, you'll be able to connect with what they really want. They don't want financial security. They want the benefits for themselves and their families that financial security brings.

2. Gather Information Preemptively

If you can get a picture of what your clients need before they come into your office, you have an advantage that many advisors don't. Your financial advisor marketing campaigns can be targeted exclusively based on what they have shown interest in in the past. Track activity on your site and interaction with your digital marketing. Keep your fingers on the pulse of your digital presence, and then put faces to names. Start to populate your contact list with clients who have their activities attached to their file. This should show you things like where they visit most, what they've looked at and other things like that. You'll build a complete map of where each prospect was and when. By looking at where they spend the most time, and what links they click on most, you can get a general idea of what your pitch might sound like. For example, if a young professional is viewing your retirement strategies most often, you might want to start by talking about what they want to do with their adult life now that it's started and when they want to retire. For a family who routinely checks your debt management page, you may begin by discussing the benefits of a debt-free lifestyle and how possible it is to achieve. By gathering preemptive information it becomes much easier to create customer-centric marketing.

3. Direct Market Your Content

Based on the information you gather preemptively, look at your clients and break them into small, manageable chunks. As a financial advisor, you want to be sure that your message is specific to the financial and overall needs of each group of clients. This isn't to say there isn't any overlap, but you wouldn't send the same marketing material to a young professional as you do to a family of four. Direct marketing is taking the small, distinct groups in your client base and marketing to each of them individually based on their needs and wants. If you can learn to connect with your clients in those small groups your content will be much more applicable. By answering their specific financial worries, you'll be able to begin the process of nurturing them into lifetime clients by always having the right answers for them. This will impress your clients and the people they talk to and give you a reputation for listening well. Your financial advisor marketing campaigns will be noticed and more importantly, it will stay relevant.

Take your financial advisor marketing to the next level

These are three building blocks with which you can take any marketing you do and make it client-centric. These ideas will be easily incorporated into almost everything you do and will improve your client experience and your reputation by leaps and bounds. Once those grow, it's only a matter of time before clients begin to come in without you ever having contacted them. These seem small, but they make your clients feel valued, important and listened to. And that makes for a happy client. For more ideas, or for more specific ideas, check out our financial advisor page. To learn how you can automate digital marketing to save time and money, check our marketing automation page.

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