How to Finish an Email

How to Finish an Email

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How to Finish an Email

Here at SimplyCast, we've written a lot of blog posts and articles about how to craft a great email marketing newsletter that will engage your email subscribers and effectively promote your business. Yet one subject which we have not covered in as great detail is how to finish an email.

How do you sum up your message and keep your subscribers engaged to the last word? How you finish an email is just as important as how you start an email. There are many techniques you can employ, and exactly how you finish your email will depend on your customers, your business and the standard in your industry.

Before You Finish Your Email, Include a Call to Action

You should always have a clear call to action near the top of your email, so your email subscribers don't miss it. However, if you also include another call to action, it provides your email subscribers with another chance to act. It brings the customer's attention back to the purpose of the email: whatever you want them to do (buy, sign up, etc.).

Before You Finish the Email, Remind Subscribers of the Important Details

A great way to finish off your email is by reminding your subscribers of the best parts of the email, the things that you want them to focus on. Repetition helps your customers to remember the important parts.

Remind them why they should take action, restate the main benefits of your product, repeat the essential facts, and so on.

Just be careful not to sound overly pushy, as this is often viewed as a spam technique.

Remind Customers of Customer Support Services Before You Finish the Email

Often, customers have questions about the email they have received. They may also be interested in discussing other services or providing feedback. This is why you should always include a customer service email and phone number at the end of your email. Make it simple for customers to find the assistance they need.

A Great Customer Testimonial can Add a Bang to the Email Finish

Sometimes what a customer needs to really help them understand the benefits of a product or service is a stirring customer testimonial. Including a positive customer testimonial near to the finish of your email leaves the reader with a sense of trust and high praise of your products and services.

As You Finish Your Email, Include a Friendly Sign-Off

How you ultimately finish your email depends on your business and the consistent tone of your messages. Are your emails usually more formal, for example, if you do business to business marketing and you deal with many other professionals in the industry? Or perhaps the majority of your email subscriber base is female and you like to finish with a warm "Best regards, ladies." If your emails usually have a more casual and friendly tone, a simple "Cheers" might be best.

Whatever you choose as your sign-off, make sure it is consistent with the overall tone and message of your email so the message has a smooth flow.

Research How Other Businesses Finish Their Emails

By looking at any of the marketing emails that come into your inbox, you can gather quite a sample of how other companies are finishing their emails. See what the industry standard is, then you can choose to either follow suit or create your own unique personalized email sign-off.

How to finish your email newsletters can sometimes be a tricky matter. But with these tips, you will be able to keep your email subscribers engaged throughout your newsletter. Always make sure to include multiple calls to action so your customers can easily sign up, buy and so on. Remind email subscribers of the important points of the email without being pushy. And don't forget to end with a friendly greeting that is consistent with your industry and your customer base.

Now that you know all about how to finish a great email newsletter, sign up for a free SimplyCast account so you can begin creating your own email messages. We offer many professionally designed email templates and a drag and drop editor.

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