Software for Email Blasts: Is It Right For You?

Software for Email Blasts: Is It Right For You?

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Software for Email Blasts

Free e-mail blast software refers to any email blast programs that send emails to lists of contacts at no cost to the sender. Software for email blasts is often used by small businesses or non-profits that may not have high marketing budgets to work with.

There are several benefits to obtaining blast email software for free, as well as a few potential downsides. Positives include the lack of expense. Free email blaster software makes email marketing accessible for organizations and businesses that may not have the funds to run large marketing campaigns. Free email blast software is also designed to be easy to use for those that may not have experience with email marketing programs.

Downsides to obtaining e-mail programs for free may include the use of the software provider's own branding on the email. Often the company that offers the free e-blast software will put their name or small advertisements within the email. Free email blast programs also usually have more restrictions than blast email software that must be purchased. For example, free email blast programs may limit the number of emails that can be sent out. In addition to these points, a free email blast program may not offer as many features for the user.

Email blast free software is a capable tool for small businesses or any organizations that do not have a large marketing budget. It is a way to send out information, promotions and other messages for free and it is an effective way to get your name out there.

For larger businesses or those that have more funds to work with, paying for blast email software may be the way to go. It offers more options and fewer limitations.

Now let's take some specific questions from our customers about our SimplyCast free email blast software.

If I use the free SimplyCast software for email blasts, do I still get email blast reports that I can analyze?

Yes, you will still receive full email blast report data. Reviewing your email data on a regular basis is essential to optimizing future email blast campaigns. Your report data will be available when you sign in to your account, under the "Reports" tab. Email blast report data is organized into simple graphs and pie charts so it is easy to understand and analyze.

Is your software for email blasts free the whole time I am using it? Or will I ever have to pay?

As long as you stay within your sending limits and you do not require any additional paid services, you will never have to pay a cent. You can send 30,000 emails a month to 2,000 email contacts. Our free software for email blasts remains free to use as long as you keep using it.

What sorts of things might I be missing out on with free email blast software?

There are aspects you may wish to have or change if you are using our software for email blasts.

You do not have any multi-user accounts with a free email program. Multi-user accounts allow members of your staff to work on your email blast campaign with certain permissions that are set by the master account holder. Multi-user accounts are ideal for projects which require different departments to collaborate.

When you send a free email blast, each email will always include the SimplyCast logo. Many customers choose to pay to remove the logo because they want their messages to be consistent with their brand. If you do not want the SimplyCast logo to appear on your email blasts, you will have to pay to have it taken off.

Is email blast deliverability comparable with free and paid email software?

Yes. Email deliverability is not dependant on whether you have a paid account. SimplyCast has a 95% delivery rate for email blasts, so your customers always receive your emails on time.

Does the free email blast software include free email templates to help me create my email blasts?

Yes, SimplyCast has lots of free email templates that you can use when you are designing your email blasts. We have free email templates for seasonal holidays, different industries and general purposes. If you need a customized email template that is consistent with your company brand, you can send your requirements to Our in-house design team will create a personalized email template that will help your customers recognize and remember your brand.

Why does SimplyCast offer free email blast software anyway?

SimplyCast provides a free email program in order to make software for email blasts more widely available to businesses that need it. Many of our small business customers and nonprofit organization customers use our free software for email blasts to effectively reach their customers while making the most of their budget.

If you are just looking to send out basic email newsletters to a fairly small list of subscribers, the free email program will more than likely meet your needs. If you have a large amount of subscribers or you send frequently throughout the month, you may require more than just free software for email blasts.

Many offices and schools also use our free email software to send out a blast whenever they have closures, weather warnings or other important information. If you don't plan on sending out email blasts often, you can most likely make the most of the free email program.

Do you provide any free resources that can assist me with creating my email blasts?

Absolutely! We have lots of useful resources available on our website, including email whitepapers, blog posts and more. We also have a dedicated customer care team who are always there to help you with your email blasts. We even offer video in case you don't like to read.

Is there anything I should not do with my free email software?

The same best practices apply to free email programs and paid email programs. Don't send to people who have not opted in to receive your messages, don't overwhelm your subscribers with overly frequent messages, don't use spam trigger words in your subject lines... that type of thing.

Have more questions? Contact the SimplyCast sales team.

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