Signup Forms: The Best Email Address Collection Software

Signup Forms: The Best Email Address Collection Software

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Looking for the best email address collection software to help collect email addresses to generate more ROI? Of course you are or you would not be interested in this blog post right?

With the increased use of social networking sites to promote business, it is becoming very important to give users a way to sign up to your service or newsletter everywhere that they come in contact with you.

Social sites like Facebook are great places to include signup forms or at least links to signup forms for your newsletter. If you choose to direct users to a signup form, SimplyCast offers a free web form builder that will have you up in running in no time. Add in your information and get the generated HTML code for your website or newsletter. You should also check out our post on adding a signup form to Facebook.

Remember, it is necessary to gather lists organically to ensure optimal deliverability. Increasing the number of locations that you have your form will help gather more emails and get the word out about your company. Don't assume people will always go to your main website to signup. If they spend all their time on Facebook, they will want to signup there. This is the new age of collecting contact inform. If you don't join the party you may get left out.

Even when sending a newsletter or email to your subscribers you should include a link to subscribe somewhere in your content. This will be helpful in case your subscriber forwards the email to his/her friends or it gets posted on Twitter or Facebook.

Use email address collection software for yourself!

If you are interested in reaching users on their preferred mode of communication you could include a signup form for SMS numbers, or even fax numbers. SimplyCast's all-in-one marketing platform makes it easy to gather all of the information you need and then send it in several different formats.

The most important thing to remember is to make it easy for people to signup and have a form everywhere you think a user will come in contact with your business. By doing this and using the best email address collection software, SimplyCast's signup form software, you will have a healthy list full of potential and the best chance to boost the ROI for your company.

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