SimplyCast Blog: Free Whitepaper: SimplyCast 360 Automation From Every Angle

Free Whitepaper: SimplyCast 360 Automation From Every Angle

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SimplyCast 360 Automation

With any customer flow communication platform, you need an engine that not only drives the train, but manages all the moving parts.

When using SimplyCast to personalize your messaging automatically so it reaches your audience at the right time, that job is given to our 360 automation manager.

Think of it as the command center for all communication campaigns. It collects data, it digests the data and delivers messages based on customer's actions at the perfect time.

On top of that, it allows you to take advantage of several channels of communication to engage and nurture people on the ideal channel for them.

Still with me?

Don't worry, because we would never provide such powerful software to change the way you connect with customers, without some education on how you can benefit from it.

That is why we have this free download called SimplyCast 360: Automation From Every Angle. It is a comprehensive guide that covers everything there is to know about SimplyCast's 360 customer flow communication software.

It points out the benefits, use cases, features and more importantly, it gives a pretty clear idea of why it is time to make the switch from single-channel marketing.

Once you download and read over, you will know 100% what you are getting into and how it will help you reach your client base. Keep in mind there are uses for pretty much any industry whether internal or external. This is not just about making sales. You could be looking to engage in sports fans, inform voters, update people on a crisis situation and so many other scenarios.

Yes, we have made our reputation in marketing automation, but the technology covers so much more.

So, download the guide, sign up for a free 14-day trial and experience for yourself why SimplyCast's 360 customer flow communication platform is what will take your organization to new heights.

We are also open to questions, suggestions and of course glowing reviews.

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