The Future of Automation: Everything You Need to Know

The Future of Automation: Everything You Need to Know

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SimplyCast at Adobe Experience Makers Government Forum

Recently, SimplyCast had the opportunity to be present at the 2023 Adobe Experience Makers Government Forum. That event was host to several Federal agencies and organizations. It was a forum to speak about the automation needs of current governments as well as the needs of future leadership. Topics discussed included the utility of digital information, quality of life improvements for workers, multi-channel communication, and solution unity.

This was pleasing to hear, as these concepts have been important to us from day one. SimplyCast is equipped with the means to meet the needs discussed in the forum. We are eager to rise to the challenge of helping government organizations and employees move forward.

It’s exciting to hear about major world organizations discussing concepts that we have been building for years. We know that SimplyCast is ahead of the curve when it comes to the future of automation.

The President of Information Technology at UPS cited having several disparate single-solution tools as an issue that slows down business. In the logistics of package handling, slowdown like this can mean the death of even a large business. This kind of solution unifying has been core to our development from day one. We thought it would be helpful to explore the topics that were brought up here and how SimplyCast can help.

Multi-Channel Communications and Solution Unity

From day one, SimplyCast has been and always will be about communication. We were founded to address communications issues that were observed during a major air disaster off the coast of Nova Scotia. It was always important to us that our platform be able to assist with communications across multiple channels. Especially in emergencies where better communication can save lives.

To do that, we had to ensure that all our solutions were connected and supporting one another. This allowed us to ensure that multiple channels could be automated at once in the same campaign. From Fax and email to SMS and voice, we ensure that our clients can communicate across many channels. There's no leaving the app to review reports, change automation rules, or construct messages of all kinds.

Our system lacks a siloed approach that isolates communication from automation or reports. This approach is something that many in the industry are just starting to think about. The unified connectedness of our solution insulates the process against human error. It also ensures that staff have time to focus on the accuracy of messaging.

Efficiency of Information

Of particular importance to defense ministries was efficiency of information. Transmission, receipt, reporting, and high delivery success rates were all important. Transmitting information between departments of an organization can be difficult at the best of times.

Because all our systems can be connected, you can identify issues quickly and effectively across numerous different communications. For emergency services and other urgent cases, we have many applicable tools. We can communicate with stakeholders and display reports live as the messages are being sent out and responded to.

Quality of Life

As numerous strike actions across the world have illustrated, there are unsatisfied workers due to the demands placed on them. Believe it or not, automation can be leveraged to make their lives less stressful. Rather than viewing automation as a means to replace people we focused on how to simplify some of their routine tasks. That attention can now be placed on objectives of more importance.

We allow staff to achieve the same or better results using automated, personalized communications. We’ve provided the tools to help these governments and government agencies improve efficiency and save time during important crises.

This isn’t just limited to emergencies. We have the tools available to improve the quality of life and the quality of work in government. Since we first introduced our emergency tools, they've only gotten better and better.

This isn’t limited to staff, either. By improving digital front door interactions, clients and contacts can have a better experience with organizations as well.

Access to documents, easy sign-up processes, notifications, and alerts all go a long way to helping. These things ensure that the population feels valued and communicated to by their elected officials. We can improve ease-of-access for the public in a way that benefits everyone.


Who Are We?

SimplyCast is a marketing automation and communication company that has been building our no-code platform since 2009. We wanted to ensure a user-friendly, non-siloed, unified solution that anyone could use without needing knowledge in computer programming. We are an ISO 27001:2013-certified provider, and a leader in our field with clients in over 175 countries.

We have done work in industries ranging from government to small businesses and are excited to hear from you. If this sounds like something that would benefit you, contact us using the link below. (Or send this article to your elected officials.)

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