Get Ready for the Holidays: Our Holiday Marketing Guide

Get Ready for the Holidays: Our Holiday Marketing Guide

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Holiday Marketing Guide

Download the SimplyCast Holiday Marketing Guide here!

It's back to school season, meaning that summer has come to a close and with it, the "slow" season for most industries. Now, with winter on the way, it's time to plan for holiday marketing. The biggest thing with planning for the holidays, no matter if it's for marketing, shopping, or traveling, is to start early!

Although the holidays may seem like they're far away, in no time you'll be wondering where all the time went. Avoid the panic of last-minute marketing plans by getting ahead with some of our favorite holiday marketing tips and tricks.

With 40 percent of shoppers starting their holiday shopping before November, your marketing needs to start before then in order for you to stand out as the obvious holiday shopping destination. In fact, only four percent of people wait until the last two weeks of December to do their holiday shopping.

Aside from starting early, there are a few simple tips you can use to make planning this season's marketing a breeze! First, you want to identify what campaigns you'd like to run ahead of time and schedule them in on a calendar. That way, a quick glance can show you when each campaign is running and for how long. This helps keep you organized and prevents your audience from receiving too many marketing messages at once.

On top of that, remember that it is the holidays and your marketing should reflect that. Be festive and show your holiday cheer to your audience and they'll respond to the sincere nature of your messaging.

SimplyCast's Holiday Marketing Guide gives you all the marketing tools and ideas you need to have a successful holiday season. If you're looking for ideas on how to optimize your emails, use merge tags effectively, or leverage A/B split testing for the holiday season, look no further. From campaign ideas to tips and tricks for social media, it's all in here!

To get started with your holiday marketing campaign, download SimplyCast's Holiday Marketing Guide today!

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