Get in on SMS Marketing, Become a Text Messaging Reseller

Get in on SMS Marketing, Become a Text Messaging Reseller

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Text Messaging Reseller

There are countless reasons to get in on SMS marketing by becoming a text messaging reseller, but here is just one:

Open rates of 98 percent, click-through rate of 19 percent — it sounds too good to be true, right?


You're looking at the statistics for SMS messaging: an increasingly popular form of communication. With 90 percent of adults owning cell phones, the market is ripe for SMS marketing and a text messaging reseller willing to take it on.

Do you want to get in on the trend?

The technology to provide an SMS marketing solution to your clients already exists so why bother trying to reinvent the wheel? If you want to provide your clients with a new marketing solution, consider SimplyCast's White Label Reseller Program and becoming a text messaging reseller.

The White Label Reseller Program is the perfect way for you to provide your clients with an SMS marketing reseller solution that allows them to automatically text their customers while you are still maintaining your brand.

Here's how becoming a text messaging reseller works.

You get to take the SimplyCast SMS technology and completely rebrand it. You can then offer the service to your clients under your own branding and logo. Reselling SMS marketing technology adds value to your brand, creates an additional revenue stream for your company, and sets you apart from the competition. This means not only can you offer more to your existing clients, you'll also be able to attract new clients because you are offering something they want. Something that the competition likely doesn't offer.

Interested in becoming a text messaging reseller? Email our Reseller team for more information or sign up for a free demo to see SimplyCast's technology in action.

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