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The SimplyCast Compliance department "delivers" once again with very important tips on improving your deliverability and overall happiness. Miss a post? Visit our compliance blog post archive.

The top news in the world of deliverability over the past several weeks has focused heavily on engagement. We are not talking about popping the question to your better half. We are talking about engagement with your subscribers.

There is Gmail's Priority Inbox and Hotmail's implementation of a Sweep feature as well as implementing new metrics for inbox placement. To stay up-to-date with the latest trends of engagement within different ISPs it is important to keep your lists clean, and double opt-in. You also need to inform subscribers how often you will be sending to them, what you will be sending and if there are any changes to your sending patterns. This allows your subscribers to opt-out rather than reporting you as spam, if they decide to not receive your mail.

More ISPs are moving away from using FBLs (feedback loops) and turning to engagement. Wondering what the difference is?

When dealing with deliverability based on reputation (feedback loop information, complaints and IP/domain reputation), ISPs may block or send mail to a spam folder.

If deliverability is based on engagement, email deliverability is likely to affect individual mailboxes instead. If a subscriber is disengaged and deleting emails received rather than a subscriber who is engaged and clicking through your email and even forwards-to-a-friend, the engaged subscriber will receive the mail in the inbox and the disengaged subscriber will receive the email in spam folder or not at all.

Now do you see why getting engaged with subscribers should be high on your priority list?

Have further questions on these important ISP updates? Feel free to email us at anytime.

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