How Can Google Partners Benefit From Marketing Automation?

How Can Google Partners Benefit From Marketing Automation?

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Google Partners

Marketing automation can be a beneficial tool for a Google Partner to use to increase the efficiency of their clients' marketing strategies. As Google Partners provides a managed service of sorts, helping their clients with their marketing, a marketing automation platform is a useful way to better manage both your time and energy and allow you to take on more clients as a result.

You need to be able to easily access multiple channels in order to efficiently create quality campaigns. A marketing automation platform that integrates with a number of channels all in one location is ideal to increase your efficiency.  Having a built-in reporting system will provide you with the information that you need to maximize your campaigns' successes.

By automating your marketing campaigns,  you can save valuable time as you do not need to constantly monitor and manually activate every step. You can instead schedule your campaigns to be automatically sent out whenever you need them to be, leaving you with the ability to focus on other clients and their needs.

As a Google Partner, you want the marketing products you use to match your own personal branding to ensure brand consistency with your clients. With the help of a white label program, you can take advantage of a marketing automation campaign platform while also promoting and reselling it as your own product, with your own colors and logos to increase your brand's value.

SimplyCast provides all this and more

SimplyCast's marketing automation platform offers integrations with more than 15 communication channels, such as email, voice, fax, and SMS, allowing for a more streamlined approach when forming your campaigns.

The SimplyCast White Label program allows you to have your own platform branded the way you like with your colors and branding. You can resell this platform as your own product or even as a managed service that you provide your clients, giving them an easy way to implement and carry out their marketing strategies.

What's more, SimplyCast already integrates with Google and you are able to set up Google Analytics within your email campaigns to track your clients' data and show them where they can improve their future marketing endeavors.

Multiple Google Partners have already joined SimplyCast as White Label partners and, due to our work with them, we understand the type of support your business may require and want to help you take advantage of all that marketing automation has to offer!

If you are a Google Partner and are interested in becoming a White Label reseller of SimplyCast's marketing automation platform, please contact our reseller team.

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