Green Marketing Ads: Examples You Can Actually Use

Green Marketing Ads: Examples You Can Actually Use

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Green Marketing Ads

One of your New Year's resolutions is to be greener with your marketing. But how do you get your message out there and increase brand awareness while also being more eco-conscious? There are more than a few ways you can implement green marketing ads into your marketing campaign without sacrificing customer engagement, quality advertising or day to day efficiency. Here are just a few ideas for green marketing examples that you can incorporate into your ongoing business processes.

Four Green Marketing Examples You Can Use Today

Go Digital with Regular Communications

You most likely send out a lot of bills, notices, newsletters, advertisements and so on by mail. Most day to day customer communication and marketing can easily be accomplished online. Some customers do not have access to a computer, and as such require regular paper statements and promotions. Other customers who still receive paper mail, however, simply don't know that they have the option to go online or have never bothered to cancel their paper statements.

Contact any customers who you send paper mail to and ask if they would be alright with receiving it online instead. You can send it directly to their email address or store it in their online accounts on your site. Even if a customer makes a purchase in your bricks and mortar store, many point of sale systems now provide the capability to email the receipt rather than printing it off.

A great way to manage all your customer communication and marketing is to use an all-in-one online communication solution. These solutions include different methods of communication and often provide an integrated CRM. All-in-one solutions make it easy to manage all your customer data and communicate efficiently. They save time and make the most of your budget. Online marketing is greener than using paper advertising and printing out customer communication.

Provide Incentives for Online Surveys and Customer Suggestions

True customer feedback is one of the essential keys to success. Paper surveys and suggestion boxes are usually ineffective and not many customers actually use them (unless they are really angry and want to vent immediately). Paper surveys also go against your goal of being more green. Instead, go online! Many businesses now include a blurb on the bottom of their receipts that tell customers to go online to take a customer satisfaction survey or provide feedback. But the number of customers who actually take the time to complete the survey or submit their suggestions is pretty low. How do you actually gain the feedback you need in order to boost customer satisfaction and do more effective marketing?

Provide an incentive for customers to participate. A "chance to win" is not a great incentive because customers know that their actual chance of getting a prize is low. Most won't take the time out of their day simply for the slim possibility of winning something. If, on the other hand, you provide customers with something they can actually use right away then more will participate. Provide a coupon, an exclusive marketing promotion or a similar discount or special offer that is available to each customer upon completion of the survey or feedback form.

Spread Information and Don't Overstate Your Green Claims

Tell your customers and visitors to your website what you are doing to make your business greener. If customers are committed to purchasing from companies with green marketing ads (which some studies suggest over half of consumers are), they want to know how you are contributing to the environment and reducing waste.

Be careful, however, about exaggerating your claims of having eco-friendly products, services or policies. This strategy even has its own term: "greenwashing." Many companies advertise their environmental accountability and sustainability but they don't "walk the walk." When a company is caught greenwashing, it tarnishes their reputation and makes customers lose trust. For example, airline carrier EasyJet came under fire a few years ago when they made the claim that their air travel was a greener way to travel than driving in a hybrid car.

Do Your Marketing Online

Your overall marketing strategy, of course, will include many different types of marketing. Many companies will use billboard ads, pamphlets, paper coupons and so on to advertise. If you do the majority of your marketing online, however, you will reduce the impact of your marketing on the environment.

Going green with your marketing is easier than you think. Instead of paper coupons, provide email or text message coupons that customers can redeem from their smartphones. Instead of ads in a print magazine, consider banner ads on the magazine's website. Instead of paper surveys, use online surveys. And so on.

Again, an all-in-one marketing and communication solution greatly helps you manage your green online ads and messages. Manage all your marketing campaigns and customer communications from one central location for maximum efficiency and ease.

Try These Green Marketing Ads Today

Contact the SimplyCast sales team to learn more about our online marketing solution and try green marketing ads today!

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