Green Marketing Examples to Get You Started

Green Marketing Examples to Get You Started

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green marketing examples

Green marketing has become more and more important as companies realize the importance of reducing their carbon footprint and consumers look for companies that care about the environment. If you're reading this, then you've taken the first step towards greener, more environmentally-friendly marketing. It's important to remember that all of your marketing can't all be converted to green methods immediately, so here are some simple green marketing examples you can do today to start your journey towards greener marketing.

Green Marketing Examples:

Forget paper communications

Sending bills, newsletters, flyers, etc. by snail mail results in a lot of wasted paper, and these messages easily could have been sent to your clients via email. Granted, some people don't have internet so they require physical materials, but the majority of people have an email address to which you can send monthly statements, newsletters, and other marketing materials. As a bonus, switching to electronic communications means you no longer need to pay for physical materials and can use on online system instead, which will save your company a different kind of green ($$$).

Gather feedback online

Of course, you want to hear your customers' feedback, but are paper surveys and suggestion boxes the best way to do it? Handing a customer a paper survey would go against your green marketing initiative, and there's a chance the survey would just end up in the garbage. Using online surveys allows your business to gather legible feedback (no more handwriting!) Online surveys and feedback forms also allow you to engage with your contacts after they complete the questions to offer them a coupon or ask them to leave an online review. This is something that would be difficult to accomplish with physical forms.

Explore new channels

Now that you're revamping your marketing to be greener, this is the perfect opportunity to explore new, greener channels. Consider having a presence on social media to connect with potential leads or send SMS blasts for coupons instead of paper versions. In the technological age, there are many greener communication alternatives you can use.

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