Grow Your Business & Offer Value as a White Label Reseller

Grow Your Business & Offer Value as a White Label Reseller

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White Label Reseller

The business-to-business market can often be extremely competitive as everyone rushes to be the first to adopt or sell a new technology based solely off of what it has the potential to do, even if its practical applications are not yet firmly established. When you're a large business or entity in this field, you're constantly on the hunt for extra and innovative ways that allow you to provide extra value to your customers. If your customer base is made up of small- and medium-sized businesses, a white label marketing automation solution is just the thing to give them a set of extremely useful tools at an affordable price with the added benefit of strengthening your relationship with them and creating additional revenue to help you further expand and grow your offerings.

A white label solution is one that is not pre-branded, allowing you to apply your own branding and thus make it appear that your company is responsible for its creation. Considering the ubiquity of modern branding, the power that this concept possesses should not be understated; your customers will be seeing your logo every time they launch their software, which will certainly help them further associate you as the go-to solution for the fulfillment of their needs and make positive recommendations to other potential customers about what you offer.

In addition to this, you control which channels that a customer is able to access, allowing you to create your own pricing and tier options. If a business solely needs social media maintenance tools, you would be able to create a package specifically for that purpose and make targeted recommendations about additional functionalities that customers may find useful as time goes on and they become familiar with how the platform can best serve their daily needs.

As marketing automation software is new technology that has had impressive growth but has yet to really explode, you can advertise that you are able to offer a cutting-edge product to your customers long before the rest of the industry has adopted it. Providing such a platform is a solid way to set yourself apart from the competition – other business-to-business retailers in your space may not offer any sort of marketing automation software, or it may have limited functionality in comparison to what you are able to offer. No matter how you choose to tier the platform, simply having access to it and being able to disseminate it is a strong competitive advantage.

SimplyCast offers its platform as a white-label solution that allows you to accrue 70 percent of the overall revenue made on offering our marketing automation solution to your customers. Further, you have near-complete autonomy regarding how you decide to license the platform; you can set your own prices, create packages of specific channels, and you will always have access to the latest version of the platform at no additional cost. You will also have the assistance of the SimplyCast team as you learn how to use the platform, and in turn, you will cement yourself as an authority on our marketing automation software to your customers. Please contact our reseller team to learn more about joining the SimplyCast team as a reseller.

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