Marketing Health Clubs: How to Turn Leads into Customers

Marketing Health Clubs: How to Turn Leads into Customers

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Marketing Health Clubs

One of the challenges of marketing health clubs is that many people will try out the club or visit once, but then these customers drop off. Others visit the health club's website but never end up coming in to the actual club. How do you turn these online and in-person leads into loyal customers? Try an all-in-one automated health club marketing solution. With automation, you save time and reach leads and customers more effectively through personal targeting.

Personalized messages perform much more effectively than mass untargeted messages. Automation makes it more efficient to send messages to each lead based on their individual preferences and history. This enables you to form a personal connection with each lead and build loyalty and interaction.

Step 1: A Signup Form

Create a simple online signup form and place it on relevant places on your website and social media pages. This enables online leads to leave their contact information so you can contact them with health club information, personalized promotions, coupons and more. You should also have a signup form at your physical club locations so visiting customers can sign up for these updates and special deals as well. This allows you to engage leads and customers while staying in touch and building loyalty.

Step 2: Lead Tracking

When marketing health clubs, an automated solution is perfect for tracking leads online and providing you with information you can use to reach out. Solutions like SimplyCast 360 track anonymous website visitors as well as visitors who leave their personal information. Detailed personal profiles are built up based on which pages the lead visits, which links they click and where they are coming from. Once you have this information, you can send out automatically personalized messages to help engage the lead.

Step 3: Personally Targeted Nurturing

Whether you have gathered information about leads and customers online or through them visiting your health club in person, this information is a gold mine. A marketing automation solution keeps a personal profile for each lead and customer. This includes their history and activities, contact information, personal preferences and interests, location and any other information you have gathered. Using an automated solution when marketing health clubs helps you send automatically targeted messages to each lead and customer. This grows engagement and makes it more likely that the lead or customer will visit your health club.

Step 4: Optimize Your Campaigns

You should constantly monitor your campaigns to see how they can be improved. Your marketing automation solution will provide constant real-time reports so you are able to see how each of your messages is performing. Based on this information, you can improve your subject lines, send times, the order of the messages that are sent and so on.

You can also ask for direct feedback from your customers and leads through online surveys. When customers come in to the health club, include a survey location on their receipts. Include an incentive such as a coupon code to make it more likely that customers will complete the survey. Surveys allow you to learn more about your customer experience and improve issues.

Marketing Health Clubs Has Never Been Easier With Automation

Sign up for a 14 day free trial of our marketing solution. Automation enables you to save time and staff resources, increase the effectiveness of your messages, nurture leads into loyal customers and reach new leads.

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