Need Help with the Marketing Rat Race? You Need Automation

Need Help with the Marketing Rat Race? You Need Automation

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Need Help with the Marketing Rat Race

Are you limited by your human resources? If you are part of a small company, you may not have enough staff to efficiently handle all your marketing and customer communications. If you are part of a large business, you will have multiple campaigns running and you will be trying to maintain contact with many different clients. In either situation, your organization could enjoy huge benefits from a tool that would automate your communication and manage your campaigns. Anyone now has the ability to successfully run campaigns that would have required large teams of marketers in the past.

The 360 Automation Manager is a platform which has been designed to simplify the multiple aspects of your marketing, while at the same time improving your customer relations and engagement. The platform is extremely easy to use and provides integration between many channels of communication, including email, SMS, signup forms and more.

The 360 Automation Manager is perfect for responding automatically to your customers and sending them the messages they want to receive. The platform can send confirmation messages to customers when it receives messages or when it detects an action, like a customer purchasing something from your website.

The 360 Automation Manager can also send messages based on customers' selected preferences. Customers can choose how they prefer to be contacted (i.e. SMS, email or voice) and they can also specify which messages they prefer to receive. For example, if you were in the real estate business, customers could select the price range and the area they are looking for and the 360 Automation Manager will send them information about homes that fit their specifications.

It is all done automatically. Once you create a set of directions for the platform to follow, it will automatically send messages in the exact manner that you have specified. This decision-based sending allows your company to send each customer messages targeted directly to their individual needs. All you have to do is create the initial message. The 360 Automation Manager does all the segmenting and sending automatically.

Make sure you never miss a customer's birthday, subscription renewal date, the day of a big sale or any other important events by using time- and date-based message sending. Set dates in advance and the 360 Automation Manager takes care of the rest. It will send each customer on a list messages on their unique special dates. You can schedule messages up to a year in advance so you never fall behind. The platform can also send customers follow-up messages after waiting for a certain amount of time after an action takes place.

By automating the communication process, the 360 Automation Manager allows any business to communicate much more efficiently with its customers. It keeps all information that is entered organized and segmented so you don't have to. You can view reports of every element of your 360 campaign so you can see what is effective and what needs work.

When you don't have to manually respond to each customer message or action, when you don't have to go through the process of segmenting every customer, when you don't have to remember dates for each customer, the time you save will astound you. The 360 Automation Manager takes care of all these steps for you. Once you try it, you will understand why we call it "the future of marketing." The future is now here.

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